Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 41

Monday- After emails, I went back to the apt and slept for 3 hours!!! I was dead tired. Woke up to Elder Gutierrez saying, “Dude! Just give him the blessing while he's asleep! He needs it!!!!” lol. So O looked at him and told them they could give me one while I was awake. I'm glad they gave me one though! Then went and balled at the Rec. I met a guy and played pool with him. He hadn't eaten in 2 days and gave him my subway gift card so he could eat. It's tough for me to see people who struggle like that and not help them. I also taught him about the BOM. Then we got cleaned up and had dinner at the Freston's. It was a good time. Then we went and taught J W at the FHC with Adam Sullivan. He finally got ready for his interview.
Tuesday- Had district meeting. I was super sick! But, I did what I had to do!!! lol. Can't stop what won't stop!   J W passed his interview and is set for baptism!! Yay!!! Then we ate McCalister's in Artesia. Then had exchanges with ZL's in Roswell. Nothing exciting happened.... but it was a ton of fun!
Wednesday- Balled in Roswell in my vans. I did REALLY good! Lol. Idk how!!! but, my handles were tight! Lol. Super fun. :D Then finished our exchange. Did service at Salvation Army in Roswell. Was a fun time. I enjoyed it for the most part. Haha. Then we drove back and had a lesson with the Ws family. Had a good lesson on repentance. Then we at McCalisters again with Brother Anderson! Was sweet!! Then we had a lesson with I on Chasity with him! Lol. Was the BEST LESSON EVER!!!! Brother Anderson is amazing! I asked him, “Donovon, what does the Law of Chasity mean to you?” and he said, “Well, it means staying clean and pure! Then once you are married, you can have as much sex as you want with your wife, as often as you want!” lol. We all died in the lesson!! super good though. I likes him.
Thursday- Did service at FHL and then had lunch. Then we did service at Anne's. It was fun and funny. Got some cool and funny pics and videos! Lol. Great time and lots of laughs! Then we had comp study and language study. Brother Felt picked us up for dinner. Had dinner there and then went to basketball. Was tons of fun!! me and Brother Anderson taught I again and he is getting ready for baptism!! :D
Fridayweekly planned at the FHC and then had lunch. Picked up my suit from the cleaners and taught J W. Then we gave a blessing to a member. And then we had comp study and Spanish study. And then contacted a referral. :D Biked back to the apartment and then helped Brother Freston move a friend. That was fun. They got us pizza too so..... it was nice!
Saturday- Went to the temple!! I saw the Garnetts from Perryton and Elders Kay and Olmos!! Baptized some youth! One kid was named “Sigler”!!!!! lol. Sounds like Zeagler almost! Lol. Had a great day. Did 10 Initiatories too! Was exciting. Then bought 2 ties and a white shirt in Lubbock. Rode with the Barneys! Fun time. :D Long day!!!
Sundayhad correlation, ward council, and church! J W came again!! Now he is ready for baptism! After church we ate and had a comp study. Then we taught I with Matt Horrocks. Great time! Played some dunk ball too! Haha. Then we ate dinner at the Clements and then did Family history. Fun day. Super busy and long.
Monday- Woke up and did some laundry! :D Then we went shopping. Now we are here emailing.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 40

Monday- After emails, we stopped by FHL for Elder Stone to say bye and then went shopping and had lunch. Then we played bball at the rec center. We taught I with Adam Sullivan and ate pizza at their house! Then had ice cream with Brother Freston and his family. :D really good time!
Tuesday- Took elder stone to Hobbs and then was on exchanges with Elder Knowles for a little. Then I drove me and Elder Malm back to Carlsbad. Ate lunch and then ran errands across town. Finally got all the stuff straightened out and then we taught I. Had dinner with the Anderson's and the we got changed for volleyball. Volleyball was super fun. I came and we had a good time! :D
Wednesday- Played morning bball! Then studied and went to district meeting! Pretty sweet time! I got to instruct again and it went pretty well. Then we taught J W. Hes doing really good. Then we had language study and biked up to the north side of our area and talked to L. Good day and lots of fun. Then we went finding. On the way I felt we should stop and see the Hansens! So, we did. 2 minutes after we stopped a huge Hail storm appeared and just threw down!!! Glad we stopped. Talked with them then Bro Hansen dropped us off further north. Did some finding and met a cool guy! Then had dinner at Sis Davis's house. Really good! Had taco soup and homemade cookies!!! Then did we family history for a bit!
Thursday- Good day. Got up and went and played bball. Then did service at Faith Hope Love. Had lunch and the comp study. Packed our bags and Elder Malm and I drove to Lubbock!! That is a long drive... good talks though. :D Stayed in Lubbock ZLs apartment.
Friday- Got up, and played morning bball with some elders. Then had study and went to the mission office for MLC!! It was a long day... but really great time! I enjoyed it. Learned a ton and need to share a lot with the district. Then drove back. LONG and EXHAUSTING DAY!!!!!!!!
Saturday- Had studies and did service at the ZooHelped them set up for the plant sale. Then we ate lunch and got cleaned up. Had a lesson with J W and then J and A. Good time! Then we weekly planned and had dinner at the Pruitt's. It was awesome!! Super good food. Then we had a lesson over the phone with I since he was out of town. Had companionship inventory and then went to bed.
Sunday- Got up, felt sick, and had personal study. Then went to church. Had a good Sunday. J W came to church. Gave all the kids candy! Got temple details figured out! Had lunch and comp study after church, then went finding by the Sullivans before dinner! Found 2 very interested and great guys! Then had dinner. LOVE their family!!! super awesome. :D Tammi got sad though.... she found out that I have a girlfriend. Lol. It was soo cute! Love those kids. Adam dropped us off at the north side of town. We met up with Matt Horrocks and went finding. Had a good time and a few lessons. Got to talk with Elder Humphrey and get to know him better. Super bomb time. Once back to the apt, Elder Malm walked me through how to cut my own hair. so.... I learned to cut my own hair! Really nice! Takes a while... but now I can do it! haha
Monday- Woke up, pretty sick, and did some laundry! :D then we went shopping. Now we are here emailing. All is well in Carlsgood. :D

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 39

Monday- After emails, we ate lunch at Arbysand then Sis Fairbanks gave us hair cuts. I chipped my tooth... but got up with Brother Barney and he fixed it for me!!! :D That was a blessing!! then we balled up down from the other Elder's apts. :D. Got cleaned up and had dinner at the Freston's. Then we went and saw L. He is doing good. Finally getting OUT TOTALLY of the drug world!!! We had a good lesson with him on how God is helping him to get out and to change his life.
Tuesday- Studied and then went to district meeting! Pretty sweet time! Sooooo windy that we walked! Struggled to stay standing... got Sonic Freeze at happy hour and then we taught L again. He said he would read if we sent him scriptures! So we started sending him stuff every night! Then we tried by other potential investigators and current investigators. Saw I and talked to him for a few min. Then we had a lesson with D. He read the plan pamphlet and we answered his ?s! Then we gave him the Gospel to read. Had dinner at the Haake's. Was really good! Then had comp study afterwards.
Wednesday- We went to eat breakfast at 6 am with a potential. Had a great talk! :D woke up had studies and went to FHL! Lol. Did a ton of work there and then we had lunch at our apt!!!! Then we took had a lesson with J W. It went well! Got him ready for baptism. All he had to do was come to church..... of course he didn't! Ugh. Smh. Then we biked way out (heading to Hobbs) and met a LA to talk for a minute. Really nice guy! He's a trucker so he just calls us up when he's in town and we meet him wherever he wants. :D We met him almost outside of Carlsbad.... looooooooooooong bike ride! Lol. Worth it though. Then we went and saw L again. Had dinner at the Brown's. He made us cook our own steaks! Lol. Was a good time. Then Brother Larson dropped us off to do family history.
Thursday- Good day. Got up and went and played tennis! Was fun. Got some cool pics. Then did service at FHL. Had lunch and then comp study. Went to teach I and ended up that us and I taught his mom the restoration! #investigator present! It was awesome. We got to see I's understanding and growing testimony!! Then we found some stuff for our talks for Sunday night. Ate dinner at the Felt's and then Max took us and I to basketball. I's dad couldn't get us... so I called up Brother Bennet and he came and took us home...
Friday- Got up, had studies and then went to LOWES!! I helped Brother Barney find what he needed to fix his roof. Then he got us McDonald's for breakfast. Went to his house and fixed his roof! Shingles blown up and nails ripped right through them... lol. So I ripped up and replaced shingles while he and Elder Stone passed me supplies and watched. Good that I know how to do that stuff!! It goes to show that you learn your specific skill for a reason. One reason was so I could help the Barney's!!!! Then he got us lunch and took us back to the apt to clean up. Had a lesson at the FHC with the Ws. Finished up J's lessons. Then we biked around looking for people. Talked to J M, a nice guy who wants us to teach his family. Had dinner at the Johnson's. Ended up teaching D later that night about the gospel! Was really good! Left him a Book of Mormon to start. :D He's doing good! Then we had comp study.
Saturday- had studies did service at MLK park. Fed the homeless with FHL. Then we ate lunch at the apt and helped G and K move.... he told Elder Stone that he could crank up the Yamaha 750 motorcycle he had....Elder Stone didn't really know how.. so I was like.... I know how!!! lol. I cranked that thing up super fast and then gave it a few good revs!!! lol. I am excited to ride one when I get home! Hahaha. It had sooooooooo much power!!! Made me a little trunky lol. Helped them move and then they got us some snacks at a Mexican store. Did an hour of weekly planning and then had dinner at J P's. Talked with them and her kids wrestled me! Lol. Then went back to apt for calls...... I'm staying, getting 2 comps, and am now a District Leader. Crazy!
Sunday- Got up and had personal study. Then went to church. Had a good time. Gave out thank you cards to the ward for feeding us! Then we got calendar back and it only had 2 days filled.... smh. So I called around the ward and got all but Thursday filled! :D They treat us good! Then we weekly planned and went finding. Had dinner at the Horrock's home and then gave a talk at the "8 is great" thing at the church. We just winged it! Went REALLY well! Haha. Then we went back to apt.
Monday- Woke up, wrote letters and did some laundry! :D Then caught up on some sleep while Elder Stone packed lol! Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 38

Monday- After emails, we ate lunch, shopped and chillaxed. :D. Then we had dinner at the B's. We taught M, Sister B's daughter, about the plan of salvation. Kids these days are super SMART!! Crazy time. Brother Larson went with us. Really enjoyed it. Then we went and saw Brother Strahan!
Tuesday- Studied and then went to district meeting! Pretty sweet time! I gave an instruction and everyone seemed to like it! I really enjoyed teaching the other missionaries and leading. Then at lunch and we got Spanish to drop us and our bikes off at the south side of town..... then we biked up and contacted! Lol. Super long bike ride!!! Found a few really nice people and talked to one guy named G! We taught G. Pretty awesome. :D Had a lesson with L and then dinner at the apt. Went with Brother Barney and did his home teaching since all our night appts fell through. Was a good time. He even got us milkshakes! Haha. So...... it was a BOSS time!
Wednesday- Woke up had studies and went to FHL! Lol. Did ton of work there and then we had lunch at our apt!!!! Then we took the sisters car to see the W's. Had a lesson with them. Still teaching Jon W! :D Then we gave the sisters their car back and stopped by a bunch of less actives or people we didn't know on the ward roster. Then I saw a HUGE MANSION and decided that we should go knock it. Luckily.... it was in our area! So we went and knocked it and set up a lesson to see her tomorrow and talk about how our churchs differ! I cant wait to get a tour of that compound! Its gorgeous and HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then had dinner at the Twitchel's and Dr Twitchel adjusted us!! :D My back feels better now! Then we saw I for a little bit. Then went back to the apt and had a good comp study.
Thursday- Woke up and packed for exchanged with Lovingsbend.... (I don't get to go see the mansion.... -_-.... ticked me a little. Lol) Then had studies at Lovingsbend apt. Went and did service at the thrift shop, Cat's Meow, and had a fun time! Then at lunch and had comp study. I made hamburger helper using sausage! Lol. It tasted decent though. :D Then did service at A's. Worked on her yard for her. Been a fun time! Went to Loving to talk to a lady that wanted to end her life. Got her feeling better. Then we chased down old potentials in their area! Super sweet. Found a ton of cool nice people to talk to and was able to set up a ton of appts. Then had dinner at the Fry's. Super bomb salad with shrimp!! then homemade ravioli!! YUM!!! Then we taught Rudy! And set up his TV for conference. :D Then we did exchange review. I was able to talk to Elder Pawlak and help him out! Really sweet to help younger missionaries out.
Friday- Woke up and played bball at the church. Then exchanged back. Got cleaned up and went and mowed Sis Strieby's yard with Bro Barney!! Tom's too. Then I climbed on her roof and made a list of things needed to fix her roof! Lol. Then got cleaned up, ate lunch, and had a lesson at the W's again. Then studied the initiative. Then weekly planned. Then went to stop by some potentials. Ate dinner at the apt. Bro Williamson brought us Domino's! Lol. I LOVE PIZZA!!!!! Then did service at L's and taught I. Good day. Really busy!
Saturday- Had studies and then watched conference at the Sullivan's. :D that was fun. Then walked home. Then had lunch and did a little family historyThen watched the second session at the FHC. Had a lesson on FH afterward with A M. Then had dinner at the church. The wards grilled out before the Priesthood session. Then went and got Sonic afterward. Bro Freston paid for us! :D Ate blasts at his house and then Bro Hansen took us home.
Sunday- got up and had personal study. The watched Conference at the Fairbank's. Ate lunch with them and then went to FHC. Did some FH and watched second session. Great time! Then we had dinner at the Fairbank's! Lol. Sis Fairbank's put 3 name tags on my t-shirts. Pretty sweet! Then had a lesson with I. Balled him up too! Shared the Easter initiative too :D Then wrote back to more letters at the apt.
Monday- Woke up and did laundry! :D Had a fun time and a good study! Went shopping in Spanish's car! :D Now we are here emailing.
Don't mail anything else! Calls are Saturday! Love y'all! Be safe!!
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!