Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 15 Companion change in Perryton coming next week

Monday- We prepared for the week and then we taught some in Spearman! We had dinner at the Pipkins! lol. I love them!!! We did laundry at the Garnett's bunk house and then we played ticket to ride with the Garnett kids. Great day and I enjoyed it!

Tuesday- We ate at the Garnett's and had french toast for breakfast! <3. lol. I felt like a fat kid eating so much unhealthy breakfast!! lol Then we drove to Dumas to have District Meeting. It was pretty great. Elder Grover made a pie for everyone to share! It was so delicious!!! After DM, Elder Grover and I went on exchanges! We bought taco bell for lunch and then came back to Perryton and went to work. Really busy night. We were so guided by the Spirit that it was crazy!!! 

Wednesday- We served at Senior Center and then I picked up Elder Olmos and we came back and went to work. Busy day! We had a good amount of excellent lessons!

Thursday-We had a ton of lessons! It was crazy how much we taught in one day! I loved it so much!! We got to see a ton of cool investigators and set up a lot of appointments. 

Friday- Busy day. We did tons of service and then went on splits that night. It was great time and got to learn while teaching! I had a headache, but it was still amazing!!!. Got to visit a few LA and check up on them!! 

Saturday- Got to do service and paint a lady's house! It was awesome! I loved climbing all on her roof. It made me feel like I was working with dad again! lol. I loved it!!  Ate lunch at Chiuahs. It was crazy good and free because we had a gift card. Main important thing. Transfer calls! That was crazy!!! I'm staying in Perryton!

Sunday- I got to confirm D.! That was so awesome! I felt the Holy Ghost talking to me and working through me! It was crazy!!!! Then we taught some lessons and had dinner at Bro. Charles' apt! It was nice and got to learn a ton from him!!!

Sorry it's short this week!! I'll do better next week. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Service with a SMILE!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 14

Monday- Busy P-day! lol. Drove to pampa and then to Amarillo again. Stayed there. Busy day! Ate dinner at Blue Sky and then we stayed with the missionaries there! A member brought us PIZZA! #Blessed!
Tuesday- We woke up early and rode to Lubbock! Got to see tons of friends!! Got to hear from Elder Keetch of the Seventy. It was a great time! President Heap also talked to us. I loved it all! Ate dinner at Chic-fil-a!! I miss that!!! lol. Drove back to Amarillo and stayed with Amarillo 4th missionaries! They are the bomb. I like them!
Wednesday- We left Amarillo. Then rode to Pampa to get our car. Stopped in "Wally-world" to grab some needed stuff! Then I drove to Perryton! Once back, we did service at the Senior Center and then taught a bunch. Trying to help everyone here the best we can! D. committed to be baptized Sunday! He has a testimony of the Gospel and is doing great! Met with some others as well and had great lessons!
Thursday- We got a call to do service right after starting companion study. So we went and helped! We helped at the Crisis Center. I moved a ton of heavy stuff (furniture) and Elder Olmos talked to the lady we were helping about the church. Turns out her dad was a Fundamentalist Mormon...CRAZY!!! So we helped her take it all to Booker and then we unloaded it all for her. She's really nice. We enjoyed helping her. After that we came back and contacted/went finding for a bit and then had lunch! After lunch D. had his Baptismal Interview! He passed and I gave him a white shirt and 2 of my ties. Elder Olmos gave him 2 ties and some slacks we found and got for him! After that we contacted and then taught E. again! Then we had dinner and then taught more! hahaha. Really busy day. We contacted one guy who fishes A LOT! He and I had a good 15 min conversation after the lesson! lol. I loved that!
Friday- We did service at the Senior Center again. lol. Surprise! jk.  Then we taught tons of people... The We left for Dumas. Stayed in Dumas so that we could go to the Temple on Saturday.
Saturday-  We woke up at 4AM! We rode with a family from the Dumas Branch and went to the Temple. I slept most of the way! I NEEDED the extra sleep. Loved the temple!! Its just great! I got to go through a session and be a child in a few sealings! Greatest feeling ever is being sealed to your family! I can't wait till i get sealed to my wife! So much peace! We left and ate Golden Corral. Then we rode back. I slept the whole way again! lol. Once back to Dumas I woke up and drove to Perryton. Once back we saw D. again and then we were done for the night. Long day of travels!
Sunday- It was Primary Program Sunday! Super fun and funny! One kid made shooting sounds into the mic! lol. Brother Mayes made his son laugh the whole time and then fell asleep! lol.  D. was baptized!!!!!! That was great! Very spiritual.  After Church we ate lunch and then did weekly planning. After weekly planning we had personal study and then went out and taught! Got to see a LA we haven't seen in forever! Then we saw T.!!! We haven't been able to meet in several weeks! A great day and week! I love it here!
Monday- Studied and came here to email! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Elder Zeagler with Sister Heap, the Mission President's wife

 I am "Batman"!

"I love the see the Temple!"

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 13

Monday- Taught lessons and balled with D. It was a super fun time. I talked with Brother Monk about fishing for a little that night! I loved it!! We stayed in Spearman that night and I slept alright! 

Tuesday- We studied and then came back to Perryton! We taught a ton!!! 7 lessons after lunch! It's because we were able to bike! I love biking! It is way easier to stop and talk to people. Pretty good day overall! I enjoyed it. We talked to several new people. One guy, S., talked to us and said he saw us playing with some kids a while back. We were playing football with them and he really like that! So he talked to us and we were able to introduce the gospel!! 

Wednesday- We were studying and we got a knock on the door. I turned to Elder Olmos and said, "THE J-DUBS!!!!" (Jehovah's Witnesses) so we answered the door and she shared a scripture with us! So we related it to the Plan of Salvation and taught her a lesson! lol. The teacher got taught! It was so fun and funny. hahaha. After we finished studies, we did service at the Senior center! I love doing that. lol. So funny and nice to talk to people, even if it is not about gospel! We left there and did service at the crisis center! Then our lessons fell through so we contacted part of the trailer park. I was guided to two trailers. Elder olmos went to one and it turns out that it was a girl we had taught a while back that we could never find! So we taught her and set up a time to come back. After dinner we taught some lessons. 

Thursday- Thursday we met a guy. He opened the door and had pee on his pants running down his leg!! I almost died on the doorstep! He spoke Spanish so all I could do was stare! haha. After that, we saw R. again! Lol. I love her and her daughter is the cutest ever!!!! Then we had lunch and apartment inspections! After that we taught till dinner and after dinner we tried to teach, but it didn't happen ;'(  So we met new people and set up appointments! 

Friday-  We went to Dumas, had District Meeting, and ate lunch at El Tapatio. It was good! I went on exchanges with Elder Hatch. We did service for a lady, then studied, and then taught lessons. We did have dinner in there somewhere.

Saturday-  Elder Hatch and I  went and contacted! We met a former bull rider that wrestled and met another lady who had a sons that wrestled! So I got to talk and enjoy a pretty good convo with them and was able to connect and introduce gospel at same time! Great morning. After that Elder Olmos and I came back to Perryton and did our weekly planning. After that we taught 4 lessons! No dinner!! lol. (We started our fast ;P) 

Sunday-  Fasting. We went to church. I bore testimony and then taught Sunday School! that went great!!! I loved it! After church we had break the fast. So we ate lunch and then took Dumas back their phone. Then we taught. 

Monday-  I studied and now I'm here!

Btw.. I cooked several days throughout the week! hahaha. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 12

Monday- After emails we went and played basketball with an investigator and taught some! I cut my hair and we went to Spearman to do laundry and to play with some of the members. 

Tuesday- we had Zone training in Borger. That was really good. I love training because my leaders teach me a lot! They are so great. We also had car inspections and then we had ice cream after training. Elder Olmos wanted to eat subway, so we went to Wal-mart. He got his subway and I got a new camera and other necessities. Then we left and drove to Spearman! Elder Olmos started to get sick. We came back and helped someone move in during our hour for dinner..... luckily our next lesson had made us dinner!!!!! So we were fed!  Then we went and taught one more lesson before retiring. 

Wednesday- We did service as usual at the Senior center! then we contacted and met J.! She's super nice. We set up a return appointment with her and taught a lesson. Then we taught D,! That was super nice! He was really interested and said everything was making sense. (the gospel does! lol). Then we had dinner. After dinner we contacted and set up appointments. Then we taught R. again. She is so ready for baptism, but just doesn't know it! She's the best and has the cutest little daughter!!!!

Thursday- We had a crazy day Thursday! After studies we went to teach. About half-way through a lesson elder Olmos ends it.... lol. So I just went with it and figured he had had a prompting!! lol. Once outside he was about to die!!! So we headed to Spearman to see the doctor! Turns out he has Bronchitis! lol. So we got some meds from pharmacy and local stores lol. We went back and taught two lessons and then played racquetball with a LA kid and his friend. Elder Olmos just sat in corner and watched.... He did not feel good at all!!! Then we went to the apartment and had dinner. After dinner he felt horrible so we decided to stay in the rest of the night. So I cleaned the apartment and took care of him. When all else service!!  

Friday- My comp felt bad still, but better than before. So we went out and did work!!! Had a really busy day. We taught 8 lessons and did 4 hours of service!!! That's crazy awesome!!!!!! Best day in a while. We got along so well and taught in such unity. It was great. My companion said he learned a lot from me that day.... I just enjoyed working extra extra hard. Plus i got to see my companion grow. It was the best day of week!!!

Saturday- We had a busy day watching Conference. In the mission you have to watch ALL the sessions!!!!!! I hated the idea at first, but as I watched them I loved it!!!! We watched sat morning with R. in Spanish. I entertained her daughter so she could pay attention!!! Then we watched the second session with Bro Farnsworth and his family. So I got to watch conference with Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma!!! Get on my level! jk :) lol. Also had the Priesthood session that I watched! lol. We had pizza for dinner at the Priesthood session! 

Sunday- Watched conference most of the day and taught 2 lessons!!! Watched the morning session with D.! He liked it and then we taught him a lesson. I rewatched the Saturday morning session in English after the second session on sunday! lol. I had to understand it this time. We ate dinner at 8 because it was dark!!! I made great dinner!!! This boy can cook!!! 

Monday- here now. Has been a stressful day, but love talking to y'all!!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!