Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 14

Monday- Busy P-day! lol. Drove to pampa and then to Amarillo again. Stayed there. Busy day! Ate dinner at Blue Sky and then we stayed with the missionaries there! A member brought us PIZZA! #Blessed!
Tuesday- We woke up early and rode to Lubbock! Got to see tons of friends!! Got to hear from Elder Keetch of the Seventy. It was a great time! President Heap also talked to us. I loved it all! Ate dinner at Chic-fil-a!! I miss that!!! lol. Drove back to Amarillo and stayed with Amarillo 4th missionaries! They are the bomb. I like them!
Wednesday- We left Amarillo. Then rode to Pampa to get our car. Stopped in "Wally-world" to grab some needed stuff! Then I drove to Perryton! Once back, we did service at the Senior Center and then taught a bunch. Trying to help everyone here the best we can! D. committed to be baptized Sunday! He has a testimony of the Gospel and is doing great! Met with some others as well and had great lessons!
Thursday- We got a call to do service right after starting companion study. So we went and helped! We helped at the Crisis Center. I moved a ton of heavy stuff (furniture) and Elder Olmos talked to the lady we were helping about the church. Turns out her dad was a Fundamentalist Mormon...CRAZY!!! So we helped her take it all to Booker and then we unloaded it all for her. She's really nice. We enjoyed helping her. After that we came back and contacted/went finding for a bit and then had lunch! After lunch D. had his Baptismal Interview! He passed and I gave him a white shirt and 2 of my ties. Elder Olmos gave him 2 ties and some slacks we found and got for him! After that we contacted and then taught E. again! Then we had dinner and then taught more! hahaha. Really busy day. We contacted one guy who fishes A LOT! He and I had a good 15 min conversation after the lesson! lol. I loved that!
Friday- We did service at the Senior Center again. lol. Surprise! jk.  Then we taught tons of people... The We left for Dumas. Stayed in Dumas so that we could go to the Temple on Saturday.
Saturday-  We woke up at 4AM! We rode with a family from the Dumas Branch and went to the Temple. I slept most of the way! I NEEDED the extra sleep. Loved the temple!! Its just great! I got to go through a session and be a child in a few sealings! Greatest feeling ever is being sealed to your family! I can't wait till i get sealed to my wife! So much peace! We left and ate Golden Corral. Then we rode back. I slept the whole way again! lol. Once back to Dumas I woke up and drove to Perryton. Once back we saw D. again and then we were done for the night. Long day of travels!
Sunday- It was Primary Program Sunday! Super fun and funny! One kid made shooting sounds into the mic! lol. Brother Mayes made his son laugh the whole time and then fell asleep! lol.  D. was baptized!!!!!! That was great! Very spiritual.  After Church we ate lunch and then did weekly planning. After weekly planning we had personal study and then went out and taught! Got to see a LA we haven't seen in forever! Then we saw T.!!! We haven't been able to meet in several weeks! A great day and week! I love it here!
Monday- Studied and came here to email! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Elder Zeagler with Sister Heap, the Mission President's wife

 I am "Batman"!

"I love the see the Temple!"

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