Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 33

Monday- After emails, I got changed and played disk golf on the course here in Carlsbad with the Pecos River Elders. It was pretty fun! After that, we went back to Spanish's apt and picked up Elder Kay. I busted my shins trying to jump a big rail at their apt! My shins were dented and hurt super bad! Went back to the apt to shower and clean up so we could go have dinner at the Freston's! Had Navajo tacos!! That was super good! Then we went to L's and talked with him. Talked a lot about how Satan has tons of influence in the world and famous people! Then we learned that Michael Jackson isn't dead (along with a ton of other famous people)!!! lol :D Super fun. Then we biked back to our apt.
Tuesday- Had studies and then went to District Meeting. I was in charge of the role play section of DM!!! We did a bomb role play and everyone learned a lot! Its amazing how the Spirit will testify of the truths we say! At one part, Elder Gutierrez taught Elder Kay the First Vision in Spanish!! And Elder Kay didn't understand a single word... But, the Spirit still testified that what he was saying was true! It's important that we teach with conviction!! The way we testify and teach matters!!! Then we had lunch at our apt :D. Afterwards we went and taught W and D! What a fun time! We got to read more of the BOM with them! :D They are doing really well!! Then we went out to the W's and started the new member lessons!!! They have such strong testimonies! A helped us teach the restoration to her mom again! Lol. That was super awesome!!!! Love them! AND best of all..... Brother Barney was with us so HE was the human jungle gym!!! Not ME!!!! YASSSSSS!!!!! Then we had dinner at the Hansen's! WAFFLES!!! Super Bomb! They honestly have the cutest kids!!! Then we went to volleyball! Really great time! Had a few BOSS saves!
Wednesday- Had morning sports for the first time in forever! It was great. Had some good basketball time! Went back to apt and got cleaned up, ate breakfast, and had studies as usual. :D Then we went and did service at FHL! That was good. Went back to the apt and had lunch and comp study. Then we had a lesson at the Family History Center with A.M.! We read from the BOM and helped her understand it and follow the story line. Then we had a lesson at S's. She READ THE BOM!!!!! She read all of Mosiah 3. That was a great time! We reread it with her and explained and answered her questions. Then we went to Sonic and got a drink at the very end of happy hour! It was 4:59:34 when I drifted in on my bike (in a car parking spot!! lol) and pressed the red button as fast as I could!!! I was making sure i got my slushie 1/2 priced! Lol. Got a slushie and then talked with I. and walked with him home! Nice time and REALLY NICE DRINK!!! hahaha. Then we biked to our apt and got picked up by Brother Brown. We had dinner over there and then we got our bikes and went to see some potential investigators, R. and D. We had a good chat with them and got to know them better. That was super good for our relationship! Then we biked back to our apt.
Thursday- We had studies and then went to FHL again! Helped them out for a bit. Did a lot of heavy moving for them! Found out I lost one of my bike lock keys... luckily, i have a spare! :D Then we had lunch and comp study in our apt. Next we biked against 45-60 mph winds and stopped by the Strieby's but, no male was home... so we cruised back across town and went and helped L. in her house with the house work! :D Then we did some weekly planning! We had dinner at the Felt's (chicken noodle soup and home made bread!) and then went to basketball! My shins were hurting from Monday, so I didn't do the best. Just shot from the outside mainly! Super fun night though!
Friday- Had studies and then we went to the zoo and did service with Pecos River! Really nice. Bought me a snack on way there. :D We are trimming up the parking lot still! I really love going and doing the manual labor! Super awesome!!! Then we went back to the apt and had lunch and comp study. After that, we went and did service at A.V.'s house! We mowed her lawn! I ran the weed eater the whole time! Haha. Love putting in some work. Then we went back to the apt, got cleaned up and finished our weekly planning! We found out that the Pecos River Elders are being pink washed (getting sisters)!!! CRAZY!! Then we went and had dinner at the Strieby's!! Afterward, we had a lesson at the Family History Center with A! Super nice. Then we did half our family history. A bought us and the Pecos River elders a pizza to share. They gave me the pizza... so I took off on my bike and then ran around the apts twice! They couldn't catch me! Hah hah. The pizza was MINE!!! lol. But, I was nice and let them in after I locked them all out! Hahaha. We ate pizza and had a great time! Fun night.
Saturday- We woke up and helped Jennifer from FHL move!! That was super fun. She had the cutest kids! Then we had our LAST lunch with the Winan's! :'(  REALLY gonna miss them!! Then we had personal study and finished our family history hour! Thaw was super sweet. Then we went and biked around town trying to see people.... NO LUCK AT ALL!!! Super sad. So I parked my bike on the side of the busy road and said a prayer on my bike! I felt to call I. So I did and he told us to come over. We biked over and had a great talk with him! :D I can see him slowly changing. Then we biked back to our apt and got picked up by Brother Fairbanks. We had a bomb dinner at their house and then went back to our apt for calls!!!!! I am staying and will be getting Elder Stone as a companion! Elder Kay will be going to Odessa 2nd East to be with Elder Gorham. Super fun and funny night! Then Elder Kay started packing and I started to get the apt cleaned some more!!!
Sunday- got up and had personal study. We went to correlation with Brother Freston and had a good sacrament meeting! The W's are still coming :D. So is A.M. and her mom! Super excited and love these people! We got called out of gospel principles to have a stake correlation meeting. Then we went to Priesthood class. :D. After church we went back to the apt and had lunch. Elder Kay packed some more. I wrote a letter and wrote in my journal too! Slow day because he has to pack and get ready to leave. It's sad to watch your companion pack up to leave. Then we went and had dinner at the Barney's! Super great time. Had breakfast and then took some boss pictures there! Did a few magic tricks as well! Then we went to the family history center and Elder Kay gave Rudy a baptismal interview. :D Super great day. Really tiring too!
Monday- Woke up and went to do laundry! :D Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 32

Monday- After emails, I got changed and balled at the rec center with the Lovingsbend and Pecos River Elders. Pretty fun! After that, we went back to apt, showered and cleaned up so we could go give a blessing to Sister Mortensen's friend in the hospital. Great blessing and he really appreciated it! Then went and had dinner at the Felts and had Fajitas. Super good!! Then we changed at our apt and went and helped Brother Anderson do some more remodeling! :D I love it! I really miss working with my dad! Super fun time!!!!
Tuesday-I woke up and started my fast. It was fun day though! Had district meeting.It was nice! After District Meeting, the zone leaders ate at our apt and I wrote in my journal lol. Then we went and tried to teach some investigators! The first few didn't happen, but then we taught W and D! Super good lesson and they really enjoyed learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Turned out to be a really boss lesson and Darlene shared how she knew what we were sharing was true! Then we stopped and talked to I. for a little! It really helps people when you show that you care about them and are willing to listen and have a conversation instead of a sit down lesson!! Then we went to the W's with brother Vaandekratts. I entertained the kids while Elder Kay and Brother Vaandekratts talked to them about their baptism. They shared with us their side of their conversion story! haha. It was super funny and spiritual. Then we had dinner at Brother Vaandekratts real quick and we went to play volleyball. No one showed up...It was Valentines day! hahaha. So, I lost my name tag and had to go back to brother Vaandekratts to find it! I found it luckily!! :D :D :D
Wednesday- We had studies and then drove to Roswell! Got free lunch at McCalisters in Artesia! Super great!!! Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I was with Elder Hawes again! :D We did a ton of service and then taught 2 LA's. Pretty sweet time overall! We got to ride on a stretcher in a minivan! hahaha. Super funny! :D Did some great teaching! I was working on teaching more simply and Elder Hawes said I did Great! So, I'm gonna keep trying to apply what we did! After our lessons, we had leadership training and exchange review. Was a great time! We both helped each other set goals of how we could improve! Really boss! :D Then after getting ready for bed he basically acted out some scary movie he remembered! It was super funny. hahaha
Thursday- We had studies, took a few pictures, and then headed back to Carlsbad! We got free lunch at McCalisters and put it in the fridge at our apt! lol. Then we had lunch with the Winans at Danny's Place! Super bomb! Then we taught W and D again! We read the testimony of Joseph Smith! Super great lesson and great for D. to feel the Spirit! Then we went and saw Sister Strieby. I love that lady! She's sooooooo funny! haha. Then we had dinner at the Barney's. Biked up C Hill to get there! Great dinner! Then cruised super fast down C hill!! hahaha. so fast, my front tire was wobbling! hahaha. Then we went and saw Levi. Had an AMAZING lesson on the Plan of Salvation!! Super nice. We were able to really intrigue him and let him see life in a new light!! Then we taught A.M.  Read about Noah's Ark and the barges that the Brother of Jared built and how light was provided in both of them. It was great! That really amazed her! I love sharing super boss lessons like that! Super good!!!
Friday- We had studies and then went to FHL to do some paper work for them for service! Then we went back and had lunch in our apt. I ate my left over McCallisters! :D and then we weekly planned. That was pretty sweet. I enjoyed it. Then we went and saw S! We talked to her for a long time and then gave her a Book of Mormon and shared Helaman 5:12. She really loved it and was glad we gave her a Book of Mormon! Then we had dinner at the Bennett's! Elder Kay gave their kids haircuts afterward! They really appreciated it! :D Then we came back to the apt and gave the Spanish Elders hair cuts as well! :D
Saturday- We had studies and then went and saw A.V.! Shared a little bit about the gospel with her! She appreciated us coming to see her! We biked a ways to get there! Lol. Then we had lunch in our apt and picked up Spanish's car. We did service at a lady house named L! Shelled a ton of pecans and she talked our ears off! My hands were raw! Did like a 20-30 gallon storage tub!! Then we cleaned up and got ready to teach! Stopped by J.S. Really nice LA guy! First time I had ever met him! Talked to him and set up some service so we could come back and get to know him better. Really neat guy. Went out to the W's in Spanish's car and taught them! Was really nice lesson! Then had dinner from McCalister's at the Family History Center! We taught A.M. at the same time! Great night!
Sunday- We woke up at 5:45 AM and got ready to drive to Roswell for Stake Conference! We had a missionary meeting before conference! It was super awesomem. There were great talks at conference and President Heap blew my mind with his talk!!! Super great!! He's is one of the best men I know!! Love him sooo much!!! Then we got a snack at the church, broke into the zone leaders apt and got a water, and rode home! Pretty great time! Got another cool picture outside of Roswell!! Great time! Once back, we took our time for lunch and napped! Super long day already! Then we went over to Pecos River's apt and had companionship inventory with them! Turned out super awesome and productive!!!!!! then had dinner at the Twitchell's, shared a spiritual thought, and then did family history...and helped Elder Clarke look for his lost wallet. Fun night.
Monday- Woke up and went to do laundry! :D Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 31

Monday- We had a great day. We ate lunch at the Fairbank's and played cards with them! Then packed and ate dinner at the Freston's. We rode with Lovingsbend to Midland. I slept the whole way! lol. I have to take sleep where I can get it! Elder Kay cut hair for some missionaries there. I wrote in journal and talked to some old pals! Then I was nice and let the other missionaries have the mattresses and I slept on the floor.... I didn't sleep but like 3 hours... that was a HARD floor! lol. But, I was able to serve others! So it was well worth it!

Tuesday-  Had zone conference this week! It was super awesome! Then we got the new missionary schedule! Its pretty sweet! It lets us exercise agency more!! After that, we left and stopped at chic-fil-a. I'm related to my dad....I got a large lemonade and a large ice cream cone!!! hahaha. Then we rode home! We got home at 8 pm and Sister Butler brought us dinner. Then we went to bed. Super long day! Lots of sleep in car though! Lost my pocketknife :'(

Wednesday- Had studies and then did service at FHL! We had to walk...our bikes were at the Fairbank's... then after service we walked to the Fairbank's and picked them up! Then we had lunch in the apt. I have been eating sandwiches lately. Then we had a lesson with A.M. at the FHC and read from the scriptures! We are helping her now to gain a testimony of the scriptures. Then we had dinner at Brother Anderson's and helped him remodel his house! I love using all the skills that I learned growing up! Super sweet! Then he got us slushies from sonic with his kids! 

Thursday- We studied and then did service at A. V.'s with Lovingsbend! Super boss. We helped her get pecans out of trees and shelled them. Then we got cleaned up and had lunch with the Winan's! Next we had interviews at the chapel. I love interviews with President Heap! he told me a lot of cool and awesome things!! Then we had a lesson at the FHC with the W.'s. We prepped them for baptism and confirmation and then had dinner at the Horrock's and basketball! I. and D. both came to basketball and had an amazing time!! 

Friday- We studied and then service at the zoo! We stopped and the other elders got some drinks before hand.... 99 cent Mt. Dew's.... so tempting! but, I didn't! I am still 8 months without soda! :D Then we did ton of work at the zoo! We had lunch at the apt. Weekly planned and then talked to some potentials. No lessons.... then we ate dinner at Denny's with the Mortensen's. We had a lesson afterward with A.M. again! It is amazing to see someone gain a testimony!! 

Saturday-  We went to help Rex Felt with his eagle project! I threw 150 lbs+ down a hill for over an hour and a half...I was super tired when we left!!!! Then we played football at the park with some members. We got cleaned up and went to church to fill the font! I finished my talk as well! A member brought us burritos for lunch. The baptisms were great! Brother Barney baptized J and A and me and Elder Kay gave talks! The Spirit was crazy strong!!! After the baptisms, we talked to a potential and really got her to open up to us. That was sweet! We had dinner with D. and A. and then did family history!

Sunday- We had studies and then correlation and ward council. Church was super great! I got to confirm J! That was super powerful and great!! Then we had a great sacrament meeting! All the lessons at church were very good! Afterward we went back to apt and had companion study and lunch. We ate during companion study and took a nap during lunch! lol. We were super tired! Then we talked to L and J and really got to see what matters to them! Then we saw Sister M and got to talk to her and help her. What a sweet lesson! We met a new side of her! Then we saw the Strieby's! I love them. Then we ate dinner at the Bennett's. Great time and then looked at Mormon memes afterward! We had great time getting to know them better! 

Monday-  I woke up early and got ready to do laundry. We biked down again and did laundry and studied during it! Then we went milk and a book-bag for exchanges and now I'm here emailing! 

Love y'all! have a great week!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 30

Monday- After emails we cleaned apt a little and then the Winans picked us up and took us to the Bluths! They live out in the middle of nowhere!! haha. Pretty sweet place though! They fed us steak dinners and then we sat and talked to them for a bit! It was a pretty awesome time! :D Then we rode back and on way back we got to gaze at the stars for a bit! Super open and clear sky!! It was really pretty. 

Tuesday- Had studies and then did service at FHL for a good while!! District meeting was moved to Thursday! We did plenty of work at FHL and then had lunch in the apt. SANDWICHES!!! :D haha.  We to the Tia Maria apt and ended up doing service for kids by getting all there balls off the roof of the 2 story apts! lol. #monkeystatus. Then Brother Vandekraats took us to a lesson at the W's. The kids were going SUPER CRAZY!!! Was hilarious. Once, the mom locked J outside and he starting kicking the door to the trailer! The whole thing was shaking!!! Then we ate dinner at Red Chimney with the Bowman's and then we saw the Strieby's! It was a great time!!

Wednesday- We had studies and then went to doctor for Elder Kay. He got approved for physical therapy. Tex drove us and when he pulled out he literally DRIFTED ACROSS THE HIGHWAY!!!!! lol!!! It was super boss!!!Then we did service at FHL and then had lunch with Tex and his wife on the hill! We had sonic!! We taught A.M. (LA) at the Family History Center. Then we went and saw W and D! D had read from the Book of Mormon!!!! Super nice! Then we had dinner at the Haakes. Brother Haake told us that once he kissed his wife for the first time, he knew he wanted to make babies with her!! lol. Super funny guy!!! After that we did family history!

Thursday- We had studies and then had zone training!!! It went pretty well! Then had lunch at the FHC, I packed my lunch, and we prepped the W's for baptismal interviews. Afterwards, the zone leaders interviewed them for baptism... AND THEY ARE GOOD FOR BAPTISM ON THE 11TH!!!! Then we taught J, and then S. Super great lessons!! We had dinner at the Clement's and then he took us to Kaleidoscoops and we got ice cream!! hahah. Then basketball! Super fun day!

Friday- Had studies and then went to the zoo!! Service there is the BOMB!!! We got a ton of work done there for them!!! Super great!!! We had lunch at the apt as usual! :D We did weekly planning after taking the Spanish elders car back. We went and saw I. and had a lesson with him. We read the title page to BOM. Super fun! Then we taught A.M. again. Her testimiony is super good now! We had dinner at the Bennetts. Fun night! Really busy!

Saturday- We had studies and then biked to I.'s to pick him up for football! Elder Kay crashed on a curb! haha. Then we played football and ate lunch at L&M pizza! Brother Herbst took us out there! Then we played disk golf with a nonmember and the Pecos River elders! It got him way more interested in the gospel! super nice guy. I got 3rd! :D haha. Then we tried by some people but no one had time to talk.... so we biked up to the church and ate pizza and played volleyball at the elders quorum activity. Then had a lesson at the FHC with the W's! :D

Sunday- We had studies and then went to ward correlation and council. Pretty sweet Fast Sunday! I enjoyed it a lot.  Then after church we got the baptismal clothes picked out and all is good there! We had another lesson with A and then went and saw I! After a good talk with him, we ate dinner at the Sullivan's. I played pool and Foosball. Fun night! Then I cut my hair at the apt and played cards with the Pecos River Elders. Sweet time! 

Monday- We biked to the laundry mat with my laundry on the handle bars! lol. Fun time!!!! Then we studied and came here! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!