Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 30

Monday- After emails we cleaned apt a little and then the Winans picked us up and took us to the Bluths! They live out in the middle of nowhere!! haha. Pretty sweet place though! They fed us steak dinners and then we sat and talked to them for a bit! It was a pretty awesome time! :D Then we rode back and on way back we got to gaze at the stars for a bit! Super open and clear sky!! It was really pretty. 

Tuesday- Had studies and then did service at FHL for a good while!! District meeting was moved to Thursday! We did plenty of work at FHL and then had lunch in the apt. SANDWICHES!!! :D haha.  We to the Tia Maria apt and ended up doing service for kids by getting all there balls off the roof of the 2 story apts! lol. #monkeystatus. Then Brother Vandekraats took us to a lesson at the W's. The kids were going SUPER CRAZY!!! Was hilarious. Once, the mom locked J outside and he starting kicking the door to the trailer! The whole thing was shaking!!! Then we ate dinner at Red Chimney with the Bowman's and then we saw the Strieby's! It was a great time!!

Wednesday- We had studies and then went to doctor for Elder Kay. He got approved for physical therapy. Tex drove us and when he pulled out he literally DRIFTED ACROSS THE HIGHWAY!!!!! lol!!! It was super boss!!!Then we did service at FHL and then had lunch with Tex and his wife on the hill! We had sonic!! We taught A.M. (LA) at the Family History Center. Then we went and saw W and D! D had read from the Book of Mormon!!!! Super nice! Then we had dinner at the Haakes. Brother Haake told us that once he kissed his wife for the first time, he knew he wanted to make babies with her!! lol. Super funny guy!!! After that we did family history!

Thursday- We had studies and then had zone training!!! It went pretty well! Then had lunch at the FHC, I packed my lunch, and we prepped the W's for baptismal interviews. Afterwards, the zone leaders interviewed them for baptism... AND THEY ARE GOOD FOR BAPTISM ON THE 11TH!!!! Then we taught J, and then S. Super great lessons!! We had dinner at the Clement's and then he took us to Kaleidoscoops and we got ice cream!! hahah. Then basketball! Super fun day!

Friday- Had studies and then went to the zoo!! Service there is the BOMB!!! We got a ton of work done there for them!!! Super great!!! We had lunch at the apt as usual! :D We did weekly planning after taking the Spanish elders car back. We went and saw I. and had a lesson with him. We read the title page to BOM. Super fun! Then we taught A.M. again. Her testimiony is super good now! We had dinner at the Bennetts. Fun night! Really busy!

Saturday- We had studies and then biked to I.'s to pick him up for football! Elder Kay crashed on a curb! haha. Then we played football and ate lunch at L&M pizza! Brother Herbst took us out there! Then we played disk golf with a nonmember and the Pecos River elders! It got him way more interested in the gospel! super nice guy. I got 3rd! :D haha. Then we tried by some people but no one had time to talk.... so we biked up to the church and ate pizza and played volleyball at the elders quorum activity. Then had a lesson at the FHC with the W's! :D

Sunday- We had studies and then went to ward correlation and council. Pretty sweet Fast Sunday! I enjoyed it a lot.  Then after church we got the baptismal clothes picked out and all is good there! We had another lesson with A and then went and saw I! After a good talk with him, we ate dinner at the Sullivan's. I played pool and Foosball. Fun night! Then I cut my hair at the apt and played cards with the Pecos River Elders. Sweet time! 

Monday- We biked to the laundry mat with my laundry on the handle bars! lol. Fun time!!!! Then we studied and came here! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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