Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 31

Monday- We had a great day. We ate lunch at the Fairbank's and played cards with them! Then packed and ate dinner at the Freston's. We rode with Lovingsbend to Midland. I slept the whole way! lol. I have to take sleep where I can get it! Elder Kay cut hair for some missionaries there. I wrote in journal and talked to some old pals! Then I was nice and let the other missionaries have the mattresses and I slept on the floor.... I didn't sleep but like 3 hours... that was a HARD floor! lol. But, I was able to serve others! So it was well worth it!

Tuesday-  Had zone conference this week! It was super awesome! Then we got the new missionary schedule! Its pretty sweet! It lets us exercise agency more!! After that, we left and stopped at chic-fil-a. I'm related to my dad....I got a large lemonade and a large ice cream cone!!! hahaha. Then we rode home! We got home at 8 pm and Sister Butler brought us dinner. Then we went to bed. Super long day! Lots of sleep in car though! Lost my pocketknife :'(

Wednesday- Had studies and then did service at FHL! We had to walk...our bikes were at the Fairbank's... then after service we walked to the Fairbank's and picked them up! Then we had lunch in the apt. I have been eating sandwiches lately. Then we had a lesson with A.M. at the FHC and read from the scriptures! We are helping her now to gain a testimony of the scriptures. Then we had dinner at Brother Anderson's and helped him remodel his house! I love using all the skills that I learned growing up! Super sweet! Then he got us slushies from sonic with his kids! 

Thursday- We studied and then did service at A. V.'s with Lovingsbend! Super boss. We helped her get pecans out of trees and shelled them. Then we got cleaned up and had lunch with the Winan's! Next we had interviews at the chapel. I love interviews with President Heap! he told me a lot of cool and awesome things!! Then we had a lesson at the FHC with the W.'s. We prepped them for baptism and confirmation and then had dinner at the Horrock's and basketball! I. and D. both came to basketball and had an amazing time!! 

Friday- We studied and then service at the zoo! We stopped and the other elders got some drinks before hand.... 99 cent Mt. Dew's.... so tempting! but, I didn't! I am still 8 months without soda! :D Then we did ton of work at the zoo! We had lunch at the apt. Weekly planned and then talked to some potentials. No lessons.... then we ate dinner at Denny's with the Mortensen's. We had a lesson afterward with A.M. again! It is amazing to see someone gain a testimony!! 

Saturday-  We went to help Rex Felt with his eagle project! I threw 150 lbs+ down a hill for over an hour and a half...I was super tired when we left!!!! Then we played football at the park with some members. We got cleaned up and went to church to fill the font! I finished my talk as well! A member brought us burritos for lunch. The baptisms were great! Brother Barney baptized J and A and me and Elder Kay gave talks! The Spirit was crazy strong!!! After the baptisms, we talked to a potential and really got her to open up to us. That was sweet! We had dinner with D. and A. and then did family history!

Sunday- We had studies and then correlation and ward council. Church was super great! I got to confirm J! That was super powerful and great!! Then we had a great sacrament meeting! All the lessons at church were very good! Afterward we went back to apt and had companion study and lunch. We ate during companion study and took a nap during lunch! lol. We were super tired! Then we talked to L and J and really got to see what matters to them! Then we saw Sister M and got to talk to her and help her. What a sweet lesson! We met a new side of her! Then we saw the Strieby's! I love them. Then we ate dinner at the Bennett's. Great time and then looked at Mormon memes afterward! We had great time getting to know them better! 

Monday-  I woke up early and got ready to do laundry. We biked down again and did laundry and studied during it! Then we went milk and a book-bag for exchanges and now I'm here emailing! 

Love y'all! have a great week!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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