Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 20

Monday- We had lunch at the Senior center since they weren't going be open rest of the week. Then we did laundry and shopped!! I got a few necessities!  Then we cleaned the apartment some and I wrote letters. After dinner in the apartment we went out biking and saw a few people! It was a busy night. We biked 8 miles in 3 hours!!

Tuesday- We got up, had breakfast, and rode to district meeting!! After a great  we ate at Roadhouse 287. It was a pretty good time! FREE YEAST ROLLS! So I had like 10+ and then a burger. My stomach was SOOO bloated. It was bad! haha. Then we had exchanges in Dumas! Elder Smith and I went out and biked and taught a ton of awesome people. We had some great lessons! A funny experience when we knocked a recent convert's door! Her son answered, saw me, and said, "Well that a D@#% shame!!!". I was devastated. Apparently, he likes Elder Hatch! hahaha. 

Wednesday- We studied and took Dumas to Walmart! While we were there...I got happy and bought me a hatchet and knife combo set for $15!! lol. So now I'm packing even more!!! :) Then we did service at the museum and helped move Christmas stuff out of storage. Afterwards, Elder Pierson and I left and drove back! We got back and biked and talked to a lot of new people. We had a few lessons before dinner and after dinner we saw R, F, and a less active member named M. We had great lessons with them all!

Thursday- THANKSGIVING!! We studied and then knocked doors!!! People told us to go away as nice as possible!("We're busy") So we ended up biking and seeing the grandson of lady who runs Senior center. We threw football with him for like 30 min to an hour! That kid could throw!!! Then we rode to Spearman with Brother Charles! We took cookies and ate at the Garnett's home. We played ball with them in proselyting clothes. I did borrow some "go fasters" (tennis shoes) and then we played some board games. It was a great time! Except... They had guns out and I couldn't touch!! We rode home, talked to our neighbor, and then stayed in the apartment like we were suppose to for the rest of night! It was a good day, but just didn't feel same being without family.

Friday- Busy day... after studies did weekly planning and then had lunch. We went and tried to teach but our lessons fell through.... so we just contacted and found some really nice people! Then had dinner and after dinner we went and tried some lessons. We taught R again. She's so ready but doesn't think she  is! So afterward we had language study, during which I made some brownies!!! lol. 

Saturday- We drove to Dalhart for a baptismal interview! What a drive!!!! It took over an hour!!! Then we drove back and had lunch. After lunch we rode with Brother Farnsworth to Spearman and helped new members move in!! It was fun to get in some good labor! hahah. I love working hard!! Then we rode back and ate with the Farnsworths'! Then we saw R, a less active and invited him to church! (He came!!!)

Sunday- We went to church and learned! I bless the Sacrament most weeks! I love that!! It's such a privilege!!! Then I listen to talks. I learned a ton about Mormon in Sunday School! It was nice! Then after church was over we had lunch in the apartment and tried to teach a ton! We saw R and had an AMAZING LESSON!! Then we saw P (HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MARTY LEE!!!! I'LL TRY TO GET A PICTURE SOON!!) and we helped D clean up in his house and visited with him. Later we ate dinner, saw R, and then studied in Spanish some. 

Monday-  came here after studies as always!


Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 19

Monday- We emailed and then we went shopping real quick. I grabbed some necessities and then we washed the car and shopped at Walls. I got a speedometer/odometer for my bike for $5!!! Then we had lunch and washed laundry. I wrote some letters and took a short nap. We stayed in Perryton this week! Pretty sweet! We saw C, D, and M. Great lessons and so happy to help people here. I kinda like staying here on Mondays.... lol. P-day seems to last longer! hahaha. 

Tuesday- I woke up at 6 am and got ready to go to district meeting. We had an extra 30 minute drive! lol. I drove as usual and then we picked Dumas up and had district meeting. After district meeting we took Dumas to shop because they have no car! I got me a few snacks..... I bought a big bag of caramel cremes! Sad to say..... they were gone in 2 days. ;'( I love those!!! so then we drove back and had "Linner"!(lunch/dinner). We went out and contacted and taught some. Then finally we had personal study and language study at night. 

Wednesday- We went and did service at the Senior Center (thanksgiving feast! hence me passed out on couch! LOL!!!!!) I love that place. We taught C afterward and then went and got new tires. Then we contacted in the ghetto trailer park! We met two awesome people who seem interested in the gospel! Then we met a 17 year old named D. He is not the most interested, but we taught him. Then we taught R with Sister Rodarte! pretty sweet! I talked in Spanish during the lesson and am still reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish with them! Then we had dinner finally. 

Thursday- We went to a funeral after studies to support an investigator! We stayed like 10 min of it.... the Spirit was not there! So we left!!!!! We went back and studied and then did service at the Crisis Center! After that we studied language and had lunch. We drove to Spearman after lunch and picked up our laundry detergent from the Garnetts' and then saw some people in Spearman. We ate dinner with the Pipkins' and then came back and saw the M kids. It was a pretty sweet day. 

Friday- We did service at the Senior center! We had grilled cheese and beef stew! It was great because it was freezing that day!!! Then we did service at the museum and weekly planning! We had dinner and contacted a wonderful lady named A! Then we saw R and later we went to get gas. 

Saturday- We went and cleaned out W's gutters again! I love service! I was on a roof in full proselyting clothes!!! It was so fun!  Then we contacted after our appointments fell through! We had lunch and did service by tearing up a linoleum floor! Again in PROSELYTING CLOTHES!!! lol. I was so hot! But it was a pretty fun time!! Then we taught some others and found a lady we had talked to a long time ago and never found! She's so ready!!! We saw N and had dinner and language. I was chased by 2 dogs! They hate me!!!!!!

Sunday- I woke up at 4 am dying of coughing and fever! I went back to bed 20 min later. I went to church sick. We stayed for baptism and snacks and then we came back to the apartment and i took a short nap for our lunch hour. Then we went out and taught! I biked 8 miles sick on Sunday!  #dedication. We had a really great day though! I made pancakes for dinner!

Monday- I cooked breakfast this morning and then I called an investigator on way here. We are helping him again! I cant wait for the adventures today!!!

Matthew 24:27- NC is the place to live! We will see Jesus first! lol 

4 Nephi 1:16- "if you want to be happy, live the gospel!"

Just two scriptures from my studies today! Enjoy!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 18

Monday- We left emails and ate lunch at the apt. I wrote letters while Elder Pierson took a nap! lol. Then we cleaned and packed and left for Spearman. We saw some people there and had dinner with the Mayes' family on their front porch because no Priest aged man or older was home! lol. Great day. 

Tuesday- We left early in the morning and picked up Dumas and drove them with us to Amarillo. I had to drive! hahaha. I love to drive!!! We had interviews during car inspections; and that was amazing!!! President Heap is the best!!Then we had zone conference! I had to give opening prayer. Pretty cool!! I learned a ton there. Then we went and got bike tubes and then dropped off Dumas and drove back to Perrryton. Crazy day! A ton of driving. 

Wednesday-  We studied and then did service at the Senior center! Then we went and did service at the museum!! Then contacted and taught some. Very slow day, but we had a great lesson with T and Brother Farnsworth. Lessons with a member present are the best! Then we got to see R. She's over half way done with the BOM!!!!!

Thursday- Well.... We and did service by cleaning gutters and I got cut on right wrist above my artery... luckily it wasn't too bad. I applied pressure and stopped bleeding. :) Then we got changed and biked to Crisis Center. We stopped on way there to talk to an investigator outside and I got bit by a dog! I punted that sucker! He flew like 4 feet! lol. He drew blood.... then we went and served at Crisis Center. Then biked to get flu shots and gave a statement to animal control. We taught the rest of the night. 

Friday- Did service at Senoir center after studies. N (cook) gave us tons of leftovers! The we did service for the Boy Scouts by sorting popcorn.  We did weekly planning and taught after that. Then we drove to Borger for exchanges. 

Saturday- I went on exchanges with Elder Padelsky. We contacted 6 hrs...... enough said! Needless to say... I am way better at contacting now! hahahha. We had dinner with a member there and then we drove back. 

Sunday- CHURCH!!! LOVE IT!!! Busy day. Biked after lunch and taught a ton! I put my newly acquired skills to good use and all went well! We shared a ton of Mormon messages. 

Monday- I'm here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 17

Monday- After emails we had lunch in the apt and the we went and played some basket ball!! That was pretty fun. I was killing the 3's. I wish I was this good during church ball! lol. Then we wrote letters in the apt and the went to Spearman and ate dinner with the Garnett's and played Catan...weird game... lol. Stayed in the bunk house. I also made my planner cover!

Tuesday-  We had district meeting and then went on exchanges! Elder Hatch and I biked most of day! (They don't have a car) So we went and did service and taught some people. Knocked a ton and contacted one referral! Pretty great day. Elder hatch is amazing! He teaches me a ton each time I go on exchanges with him! Learned I need to pray for strength! (that helped for Saturday! btw). A member brought us Taco Bell! #blessed!!

Wednesday- We went and did service at the museum. We dusted! lol. Then we taught E. (she got baptized this sat!! 11/5) Then we had lunch in Dumas's apt. Was pretty great! I took a nap instead of eating! lol. I was exhausted. Then we went finding and had E's baptismal interview. So that was fun. Rode home and then taught N. with brother Farnsworth. That was sweet. Then we saw R and had dinner. Pretty sweet day! My comp shot me though... with an acorn! It left a paintball whelp! lol 

Thursday- We studied as usual and then contacted a guy named J. Pretty cool guy. He might call us to help him paint inside his house/remodel! lol. I might know a little about that..... lol.  Then we did service at the Crisis Center and taught K. After that we had dinner in the apt and then saw T with Brother Farnsworth and saw R! Great lessons.

Friday- We studied and then served at the Senior center. After the Senior center we changed and served at the museum!! That was fun! We got to see tons of cool stuff :D. Then we did weekly planning and had dinner. We saw M and then the M. family. It was a pretty busy day of service!! Elder Pierson asked a random guy to use his toilet! lol. 

Saturday- BUSY!!!!!! I crashed in front of Shopko and popped a tire. We were heading to get Elder Pierson a tube! Lol. KARMA!!! So I walked my bike home...then we saw several people after I put a wheel from my old bike on. We biked and taught a ton of people. One drunk guy we taught was about to fight us... lol. But it all was good! Then on way to another appt.... I popped my other tire! So a member was driving into town and gave us a ride to our apt to get the car to pic up the bikes! Lol. So we took them back and then taught R's son, D and his friend. Great day even with the adversities I had. 

Sunday- FAST Sunday! I love it!!! I bore my testimony as always and learned a ton from others. Ate at church afterward and then went to the apt and studied some Spanish! i was so full that I fell asleep last 10-15 min. lol. Need to repent! haha. Then we parked the car on a street and walked around and taught people and contacted. We had dinner and then taught R and he said he'd walk to church with us Sunday!!! Then we taught J.(The guy whose toilet Elder Pierson used!!) lol. Another great day overall!!

Monday- studied and set up a dinner apt for tonight! And now we here

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 16 - Happy Halloween!


Monday- We went shopping and I stocked my cabinets because I found out I was staying in Perryton! lol. So I am good to last hopefully the whole transfer! We will see. Then we ate lunch at the Senior Center and Elder Olmos said his goodbyes to everyone there! I just ate free home cooked food lol. Then we went back to the apartment and I wrote letters. Then I cleaned the apartment some while Elder Olmos packed. We went to Spearman and did laundry and played ticket to ride at the Garnett's. 

Tuesday- We woke up at 3am...I drove to Dumas, dropped my luggage off, and then drove to Amarillo. We had to be there at 630 am. Elder Olmos left and I was with Elders Hannafin, Hatch, and Nino de Guzman for the day. We did service at a food bank and then contacted a ton. I got a hole punch that I was wanting. Busy day. Then at 830 pm I got my new companion, Elder Pierson, and drove Elders Hatch and Smith back to Dumas. We stayed the night in Dumas. 

Wednesday- We got up and took the Dumas elders shopping. They don't have a car anymore, so we dropped them and their groceries off and then drove to Perryton. We got our stuff out of the car and then did service at the Senior Center. Then we went back to the apartment and had personal study. We went and taught T. afterward and then we contacted some and had dinner at the apartment. Afterward we went and saw the M. Family, R. and G., and J. It was a pretty good day. 

Thursday- We started off our day back to a normal schedule! Then we set up service at the museum here and went and taught. We did service at the Crisis Center and Senior Center (dinner time). They had a soup & sandwich night and we served for them. They gave us leftovers so we had food for rest of the week! lol. It was great!! We saw M. afterward and that was great too. We talked about perspectives...

Friday- We did service at the Senior Center and then taught J. He gave me back the Book of Mormon we had given him... I was hurt! but I didn't give up!!! We taught about his concern and replaced that same Book of Mormon! It felt amazing! He thanked me for giving it back to him. Then we taught T. and K. Pretty great lessons! After dinner at the apartment, we taught several others and then we went back to the apartment at 9pm. 

Saturday- We finished painting D.'s house! Then we had lunch and weekly planning. After that was over, we taught T. with Brother Farnsworth! Crazy lesson! It was so guided by The Spirit! lol. Then we had dinner and knocked basically all night! It was so slow.

Sunday- Went to church!!! Man, I love church! It is so amazing!!! I learned a ton! ALWAYS GO TO CHURCH WITH A QUESTION!!!! It will be answered!!! Then we ate lunch at the Garnett's. I got to look at a ton of guns that President had. I couldn't touch.... so my hands were clammy from anxiety!!! lol. I can't wait to shoot guns again!!! Then we talked to C., our neighbor, for a little bit about life and then had Family Home Evening at M. Family's home and talked to J., a guy we helped move in. We had dinner and then language study. It was a great day!!!

Monday- Studied and came here.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Elder Zeagler and Elder Pierson
 Prayer Rock - Don't forget to PRAY!
Almost done painting the lady's house!