Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 20

Monday- We had lunch at the Senior center since they weren't going be open rest of the week. Then we did laundry and shopped!! I got a few necessities!  Then we cleaned the apartment some and I wrote letters. After dinner in the apartment we went out biking and saw a few people! It was a busy night. We biked 8 miles in 3 hours!!

Tuesday- We got up, had breakfast, and rode to district meeting!! After a great  we ate at Roadhouse 287. It was a pretty good time! FREE YEAST ROLLS! So I had like 10+ and then a burger. My stomach was SOOO bloated. It was bad! haha. Then we had exchanges in Dumas! Elder Smith and I went out and biked and taught a ton of awesome people. We had some great lessons! A funny experience when we knocked a recent convert's door! Her son answered, saw me, and said, "Well that a D@#% shame!!!". I was devastated. Apparently, he likes Elder Hatch! hahaha. 

Wednesday- We studied and took Dumas to Walmart! While we were there...I got happy and bought me a hatchet and knife combo set for $15!! lol. So now I'm packing even more!!! :) Then we did service at the museum and helped move Christmas stuff out of storage. Afterwards, Elder Pierson and I left and drove back! We got back and biked and talked to a lot of new people. We had a few lessons before dinner and after dinner we saw R, F, and a less active member named M. We had great lessons with them all!

Thursday- THANKSGIVING!! We studied and then knocked doors!!! People told us to go away as nice as possible!("We're busy") So we ended up biking and seeing the grandson of lady who runs Senior center. We threw football with him for like 30 min to an hour! That kid could throw!!! Then we rode to Spearman with Brother Charles! We took cookies and ate at the Garnett's home. We played ball with them in proselyting clothes. I did borrow some "go fasters" (tennis shoes) and then we played some board games. It was a great time! Except... They had guns out and I couldn't touch!! We rode home, talked to our neighbor, and then stayed in the apartment like we were suppose to for the rest of night! It was a good day, but just didn't feel same being without family.

Friday- Busy day... after studies did weekly planning and then had lunch. We went and tried to teach but our lessons fell through.... so we just contacted and found some really nice people! Then had dinner and after dinner we went and tried some lessons. We taught R again. She's so ready but doesn't think she  is! So afterward we had language study, during which I made some brownies!!! lol. 

Saturday- We drove to Dalhart for a baptismal interview! What a drive!!!! It took over an hour!!! Then we drove back and had lunch. After lunch we rode with Brother Farnsworth to Spearman and helped new members move in!! It was fun to get in some good labor! hahah. I love working hard!! Then we rode back and ate with the Farnsworths'! Then we saw R, a less active and invited him to church! (He came!!!)

Sunday- We went to church and learned! I bless the Sacrament most weeks! I love that!! It's such a privilege!!! Then I listen to talks. I learned a ton about Mormon in Sunday School! It was nice! Then after church was over we had lunch in the apartment and tried to teach a ton! We saw R and had an AMAZING LESSON!! Then we saw P (HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MARTY LEE!!!! I'LL TRY TO GET A PICTURE SOON!!) and we helped D clean up in his house and visited with him. Later we ate dinner, saw R, and then studied in Spanish some. 

Monday-  came here after studies as always!


Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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