Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 16 - Happy Halloween!


Monday- We went shopping and I stocked my cabinets because I found out I was staying in Perryton! lol. So I am good to last hopefully the whole transfer! We will see. Then we ate lunch at the Senior Center and Elder Olmos said his goodbyes to everyone there! I just ate free home cooked food lol. Then we went back to the apartment and I wrote letters. Then I cleaned the apartment some while Elder Olmos packed. We went to Spearman and did laundry and played ticket to ride at the Garnett's. 

Tuesday- We woke up at 3am...I drove to Dumas, dropped my luggage off, and then drove to Amarillo. We had to be there at 630 am. Elder Olmos left and I was with Elders Hannafin, Hatch, and Nino de Guzman for the day. We did service at a food bank and then contacted a ton. I got a hole punch that I was wanting. Busy day. Then at 830 pm I got my new companion, Elder Pierson, and drove Elders Hatch and Smith back to Dumas. We stayed the night in Dumas. 

Wednesday- We got up and took the Dumas elders shopping. They don't have a car anymore, so we dropped them and their groceries off and then drove to Perryton. We got our stuff out of the car and then did service at the Senior Center. Then we went back to the apartment and had personal study. We went and taught T. afterward and then we contacted some and had dinner at the apartment. Afterward we went and saw the M. Family, R. and G., and J. It was a pretty good day. 

Thursday- We started off our day back to a normal schedule! Then we set up service at the museum here and went and taught. We did service at the Crisis Center and Senior Center (dinner time). They had a soup & sandwich night and we served for them. They gave us leftovers so we had food for rest of the week! lol. It was great!! We saw M. afterward and that was great too. We talked about perspectives...

Friday- We did service at the Senior Center and then taught J. He gave me back the Book of Mormon we had given him... I was hurt! but I didn't give up!!! We taught about his concern and replaced that same Book of Mormon! It felt amazing! He thanked me for giving it back to him. Then we taught T. and K. Pretty great lessons! After dinner at the apartment, we taught several others and then we went back to the apartment at 9pm. 

Saturday- We finished painting D.'s house! Then we had lunch and weekly planning. After that was over, we taught T. with Brother Farnsworth! Crazy lesson! It was so guided by The Spirit! lol. Then we had dinner and knocked basically all night! It was so slow.

Sunday- Went to church!!! Man, I love church! It is so amazing!!! I learned a ton! ALWAYS GO TO CHURCH WITH A QUESTION!!!! It will be answered!!! Then we ate lunch at the Garnett's. I got to look at a ton of guns that President had. I couldn't touch.... so my hands were clammy from anxiety!!! lol. I can't wait to shoot guns again!!! Then we talked to C., our neighbor, for a little bit about life and then had Family Home Evening at M. Family's home and talked to J., a guy we helped move in. We had dinner and then language study. It was a great day!!!

Monday- Studied and came here.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Elder Zeagler and Elder Pierson
 Prayer Rock - Don't forget to PRAY!
Almost done painting the lady's house!

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