Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 19

Monday- We emailed and then we went shopping real quick. I grabbed some necessities and then we washed the car and shopped at Walls. I got a speedometer/odometer for my bike for $5!!! Then we had lunch and washed laundry. I wrote some letters and took a short nap. We stayed in Perryton this week! Pretty sweet! We saw C, D, and M. Great lessons and so happy to help people here. I kinda like staying here on Mondays.... lol. P-day seems to last longer! hahaha. 

Tuesday- I woke up at 6 am and got ready to go to district meeting. We had an extra 30 minute drive! lol. I drove as usual and then we picked Dumas up and had district meeting. After district meeting we took Dumas to shop because they have no car! I got me a few snacks..... I bought a big bag of caramel cremes! Sad to say..... they were gone in 2 days. ;'( I love those!!! so then we drove back and had "Linner"!(lunch/dinner). We went out and contacted and taught some. Then finally we had personal study and language study at night. 

Wednesday- We went and did service at the Senior Center (thanksgiving feast! hence me passed out on couch! LOL!!!!!) I love that place. We taught C afterward and then went and got new tires. Then we contacted in the ghetto trailer park! We met two awesome people who seem interested in the gospel! Then we met a 17 year old named D. He is not the most interested, but we taught him. Then we taught R with Sister Rodarte! pretty sweet! I talked in Spanish during the lesson and am still reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish with them! Then we had dinner finally. 

Thursday- We went to a funeral after studies to support an investigator! We stayed like 10 min of it.... the Spirit was not there! So we left!!!!! We went back and studied and then did service at the Crisis Center! After that we studied language and had lunch. We drove to Spearman after lunch and picked up our laundry detergent from the Garnetts' and then saw some people in Spearman. We ate dinner with the Pipkins' and then came back and saw the M kids. It was a pretty sweet day. 

Friday- We did service at the Senior center! We had grilled cheese and beef stew! It was great because it was freezing that day!!! Then we did service at the museum and weekly planning! We had dinner and contacted a wonderful lady named A! Then we saw R and later we went to get gas. 

Saturday- We went and cleaned out W's gutters again! I love service! I was on a roof in full proselyting clothes!!! It was so fun!  Then we contacted after our appointments fell through! We had lunch and did service by tearing up a linoleum floor! Again in PROSELYTING CLOTHES!!! lol. I was so hot! But it was a pretty fun time!! Then we taught some others and found a lady we had talked to a long time ago and never found! She's so ready!!! We saw N and had dinner and language. I was chased by 2 dogs! They hate me!!!!!!

Sunday- I woke up at 4 am dying of coughing and fever! I went back to bed 20 min later. I went to church sick. We stayed for baptism and snacks and then we came back to the apartment and i took a short nap for our lunch hour. Then we went out and taught! I biked 8 miles sick on Sunday!  #dedication. We had a really great day though! I made pancakes for dinner!

Monday- I cooked breakfast this morning and then I called an investigator on way here. We are helping him again! I cant wait for the adventures today!!!

Matthew 24:27- NC is the place to live! We will see Jesus first! lol 

4 Nephi 1:16- "if you want to be happy, live the gospel!"

Just two scriptures from my studies today! Enjoy!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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