Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 29

Monday- After emails we had a lesson with L.! It was pretty good! We explained Lehi's vision in 1 Nephi 8&11! Then ate at his house! He took us home and we waited for a car to go shopping.... waited 2 hours and then finally another set of missionaries let us use their car! It was a long day and very stressful! I put suits in the cleaners... then got home and walked to the Freston's for dinner! Some idiots started honking at us annoyingly for no reason... but, its all part of the calling! Then we stopped by some less actives, but no luck! 

Tuesday- Had studies and then went to District Meeting! It was a pretty nice time. We went on exchanges with the Pecos River elders! Their area has been really struggling! So, we went and contacted in their area! It was awesome! I love contacting! We knocked on some doors and taught people! That was amazing! Me and Elder Clarke had 3 lessons and 2 less actives in 5 hours!!! Super great! We went to dinner in their area and met the Franks. Funny people. Then we went by a less active's to go to AR. He ditched on us. So, we rode our bikes to the AR class! When were about to leave because he wasn't there, my tire went flat! I pumped it up and booked it to my apt before it deflated again! Super fun!! Ended up replacing the whole tube... hahaha. Then went to volleyball with Brother Felt!
Wednesday- Had studies. Elder Kay was sick and so was Elder Clarke! so Elder Jensen and I went to FHL to do service! Then the Winan's took us to lunch at Mi Casita! Great time. We stopped at store to get the other elders some meds. Then Elder Jensen and I balled some kids up and talked with them. Then we rode to I's and shot around with him and taught him the restoration! :D Then we made contact with L. again! We went to see one of their less actives, but he wasn't home... so we drove by and talked with more kids at the court. Shot with them and made good relationship! (Now most of the kids in Carlsbad love us! They all say, we want the missionaries on our team!!)  hahaha. Super funny. Then we exchanged back and had dinner at the Brown's. Super fun. Then we taught the W's with Brother Williamson! He did boss!! Great lesson! A and J are so ready for baptism!!

Thursday- We had studies. Elder Kay felt better so we went to FHL together. We did service and then they took us out to lunch!! It was super great!! Then we dropped some food off at an investigators house and taught them. I kept their 5 year old kid quiet so that Elder Kay could teach and then they could feel the spirit! It was super great!!! Then we tried by some of our investigators... no luck! We had dinner with the Williamson family at KFC! I love their family! Reminds me sooooo much of mine! Then we went to basketball. We had a great time! I. came to basketball and had a ball too!!

Friday-  Had studies and then picked up my dry cleaning! $30 for 2 suits!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! ugh... but they are clean now... lol. Then we went to the zoo to do service! We got in and then the plant director put us to work! So, he had us help trim the parking lot! We went ham on that place! We were constantly dumping the gators there! It was us and Pecos River elders!!! Then we had lunch at Lotta Burger and then went to the Brown's and helped them shake their pecan trees and get their trees fixed up! :D great time! Then we went back to our apt, gave Spanish their car, and weekly planned! It was a fun time! :D Then we had dinner at the Horrocks. We had some great pulled beef sandwiches! Then had pie and ice cream! We did family history and I got some more names! 

Saturday- Woke up at 445 and showered to wake myself up!  Went to the temple! I got 24 family names baptized and confirmed! We witnessed there. Great time. Then ate at Fudrucker's on way home! I really enjoyed it! I also got some good sleep on ride there and back! When we got back, we stopped by and saw L.! He gave us some coins and stuff from his collection. Super nice! He gave us all pesos. lol. No use to me here... hahaha. But still nice of him! Then we had dinner at the Fairbanks! Super GREAT time! I really enjoy eating with them! Then we taught A.M. at the FHC. Taught about the temples. Great time! 

Sunday- We had studies and then had correlation at church! After correlation we all realized that it's 5th Sunday and that we don't have ward council.... so we waited at church for church to start! Kinda funny. Then we had church! After church, I helped brother Freston change his tire and we rode home with the Barneys. Once at the apt, we walked in and had to call our manager... it smelled like weed... he came and he smells just as good as my dad does...not at all! lol. Then he saw our storage closet door was broken...(door knob broke on inside and front of door had a hole from my foot....) so, he tried his hardest to break in! He couldn't... So, I asked if I could open it for him.... he said "if you can!" lol. Challenge accepted! 10 seconds later the door was open he he told me that I am a Pro at breaking and entering..... lol. Too funny! He's gonna get us a new door since ours is rotting! YAY!!! Then we ate lunch at the Felt's. Then taught the W's at the FHC. Great lesson! They are so ready that it is not funny! Such strong testimonies!!! Then we got picked up by the Pruitts for dinner! We had pasta at their house! super great time!! We taught them about how EVERYTHING God has given us is good, if used correctly! Then he drove us home.  :D

Monday- walked 1/2 mile to laundry mat with laundry over my shoulder... Spanish was running super late and we were tired of waiting! We did laundry and then went shopping. So glad our cards are refilled! I had $2.15 on mine! lol. So I'll make it through the transfer hopefully! Then we ate lunch in the apartment and now we are here!

Have a safe and blessed week! I love yall!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 28

Monday- Great time! After emails we went shopping and then had dinner in the apartment. Then we went and talked to TM and M. We talked about the sowers seed! We tried by a bunch of potentials/investigators, but no one was home! 

Tuesday- After studies, we picked up an elder for the day! Elder Brian!! He's a pretty laid back cool guy. Still in training! We picked him up and and did service at Faith Hope Love for an hour and a half! That was a pretty fun time!! Then we ate lunch in our apartment and had pancakes!  My specialty!!! Then we had a lesson on CHASTITY with A (LA). That was super funny and awkward!!! I loved it. It was funny. Elder Brian didn't know what to say. He's never taught it.... so he just sat there quiet.. hahaha. I can't blame him! Then we went and walked to find some people! We saw 3 guys balling and I was like this to the missionaries, "Hey guys ya'll down to ball these guys up?!?!" And so.... we did! And we beat them 18-21!!!!! Then I taught one of them!! That was super boss. Then we went on splits and Elder Brian and I contacted into a guy that has come to play basketball out at the church on Thursdays! So we invited him to come again! Then we had dinner at the Butler's and then went to volleyball!!! Super fun!  By the way, my MTC companion is in the Pecos River ward! So I see him often now!

Wednesday-  We had studies and then did service at Faith Hope Love and lunch in the apartment. Next went to see some people, but they fell through! We met some guys working on their car! Elder Kay started talking to them! They didn't understand.... they only spoke Spanish! So my studies from Perryton finally came in clutch! I talked to them for about 20 minutes till the Spanish elders arrived! So glad my mission president had me learn a little Spanish in my last area! I was able to use it to talk to them and they agreed to be baptized after the Spanish elders taught them the restoration. Then we went and taught Sister S (LA)! We ate dinner at the Vanderkratts' and then Elder Kay got his hair cut at Sister Anderson's. Then we saw A and her friend J. That was nice. 

Thursday-  We had studies and then service at Faith Hope Love! The normal! Then we had lunch and found a guy named W! A super nice guy. We taught him and his wife the restoration and they loved it! Then we saw the Whygles and Bro Felt picked us up afterward! We had dinner at their house and then went to basketball. This day flew by!

Friday- We had studies then weekly planning! Then we had lunch with the Winans at IHop! great time! Then we did family history. While doing family history, Elder Kay's computer got hacked! That was crazy! So we had to wait for the Family History guy to come fix that! Then we finally left and tried by people, met some cool people, but no one wanted to let us in. :(

Saturday-  After studies we tried to set up service at the zoo! Gonna come back next week. Then we went with Brother Barney to see Sister Smith. We gave her a blessing for her surgery coming up Tuesday! Then we had lunch in the apartment and ate some leftovers. We saw W and D again and read the intro to the Book of Mormon with them. Then we taught AM about tithing at the Family History center. We got a ride out to the W's with Brother Freston and we went and taught them tithing. That turned out great! Then we got dinner from McCallister's. I studied a little Spanish and got a hair cut after eating. 

Sunday- I had great personal study and then we went to church and had correlation, ward council, and church. We had 2 investigators come and 2 LA's! That was super great. We had a boss sacrament meeting and then great day at church! We had lunch at the Sullivan's! That was super great! I love their family!!! Then we tried by a ton of less actives and set up lessons with them. We had dinner at the Barney's. Bro Barney dropped us off at the Hansen's for a lesson with T and M. It was a great lesson! Then Bro Hansen dropped us off at the apartment! That was a great day!

Monday-  We did laundry and then came here.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 27 - 6 months down and only 18 to go!

Monday- After emails I went with some other elders to the rec center and we played basketball and ping pong! Elder Irwin and I balled up 2 shirtless guys who thought they were super good! lol. We beat them 21-8. #missionarylife. Then we played a super long game of 21 and then switched to ping pong! I love playing sports! It is just a fun thing to do and helps relieve sooooo much stress! After all that we had dinner at the Freston's and they gave us a couch they were throwing away. Then some elders came over for haircuts so I cleaned up the apt for a bit while Elder Kay did that! I even got a trim at the end of the night. 

Tuesday- We took Elder Kay back to dentist to get a chip tooth fixed. After that, we had district meeting in the morning and then took some sweet district pictures!! Lance Felt came and helped us out with that!! Then lance took Elder Kay and I out to lunch at Subway. He bought us lunch and then we ate at his house with him and his mom. We spent lunch hour there and then Kyle K came and picked us up for a lesson at A's. It was a good lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love watching people see that their testimony is growing! It just helps me see that I'm doing what's right! Then we got driven out to the Burnett's and had a bomb dinner. We stayed there for a little and then they drove us into town! They dropped us off at volleyball and we played in our suits! hahaha! But now I really need to dry clean my suits!! lol It was a fun night. 

Wednesday-  We went to Faith Hope Love in the morning and did service there. Then we walked home afterward and had lunch. Pecos River came over and played cards with me during lunch. Then we went out and taught some. I don't remember rest of that day. Sorry! haha

Thursday-  We went to Faith Hope Love again and then walked back and had lunch! Then we got in service clothes and went down street to help a disabled guy chop up a fallen tree in his yard! We had a fun time! We chopped it up with  my little hatchet and his machetes! At end, A, the less active member we have been teaching showed up with an axe. Then we went to see Sis Strieby. My comp still hasn't fixed his flat, so I rode my bike while he walked! lol. I was done walking!!! I did some tricks on my bike and got a few pics. Then Brother Vega picked us up for dinner at his house and then took us out to basketball! I really enjoy this area!

Friday-  We got up and helped a member move a bed out of his house! He bought us breakfast at McDonald's afterward! Then we got axes and a broken chain saw to cut up the disabled guys other tree! That was a super fun time. The Pecos River elders helped us there! After that we got cleaned up and the Pruitt's took us out to lunch at Chili's! That was super boss! I loved it!!! Then they dropped us off at the Whygle's and we did service there! We cleaned up their whole yard! It looks like a brand new place now!! It was super good for them and showed them that we truly care for them! Ate dinner with the Mortensen's at a Mexican restaurant. It was super good! 

Saturday- We woke up and helped the Priesthood help 2 ladies move! We got a dozen donuts free! Then we played football with some people! That was super fun. No blisters this week!  Then Tex took us out to eat at Danny's place! I got a boss burger. That makes 5  meals in a row out!!! Crazy! lol. Then we came back and taught some and then had dinner at the Horrocks'. Then Bro Horrocks went with us to a lesson and that was bomb!!! I went to bed and felt a little bad....but I got my package that day though!!!!

Sunday-  I woke up and had a lot of lower tummy trouble! That sucked! Then I took a Pepto Bismol and tried to survive. We had a personal study and then got ready for church! I was not missing that!! I knew I had to have the sacrament! So, I went to church. That was great and after church we ate at the Fairbanks'. I didn't have much appetite, but I ate anyways and felt a little better. Once it started to settle though, I felt horrible again. So when he took us home I laid down and rested! We didn't get to teach that night and I slept a ton
Monday-  I woke up and felt a lot better! Sleep really helped me! I woke up early and did laundry and then we all went to the Carlsbad Caverns! That was a super fun time!!! I got some cool pics! Then we came back and now I'm here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 26

Monday- After emails we went and played basketball at the church. I am still improving my ball skills! Then we had dinner at the Sullivan's. I gave Colt, the youngest kid who loves me, my only golden dollar on me! He adored that thing! Then on way back to the apartment we contacted a guy named G.P. He is a cool guy! He came out with tape measure suspenders! I just complimented him on them and then he loved us! We taught him about family history!!

Tuesday- We had district meeting/training. In the training we went on a blitz!! That was super fun. Elder Adams and I practiced our contacting and met a ton of people for the Pecos River elders to teach! Then we had lunch in the apartment. I ate some leftovers and went on exchanges with Elder Brown. We taught some of their people. Then a member took us to subway. Their son is an RM! His name is Caleb. I really enjoyed the exchange. We taught an 8 and 9 year old the law of chastity! That was super funny.

Wednesday- We went and did service at Faith Hope Love! Then Elder Kay had an eye apt. Lance Felt picked us up and took us! After the apointment we had lunch with the Winans! They took us to Red Chimney. I had a great burger! Then he dropped us off at the chapel for our interviews with President Heap! That was great! I love meeting with Pres. Heap. Then we got some pictures (Polaroids) and the other elders dropped us off. We taught a less active member and then had an RM, Zack Mortensen, come out with us for some lessons! That was super great and we set a baptismal date!!!

Thursday- We did service at Faith Hope Love again and also got a lesson there! Then we had lunch with the Pecos River elders in our apartment. We played some games during lunch and that was fun! Then we had Kyle K, another RM, come with us to some lessons. We taught A, a less active, again and then taught J. Then he then drove us around town to another lesson and taught again with us! I love RM's!! Best member presents! Then we had dinner at the Twitchel's and then went to play basketball at church!!! 

Friday- We got up and went to dentist! Bro Barney saw us for FREE! I got my teeth cleaned and had NO cavities!! Then we had personal studies and weekly planning. Caleb picked us up and went to two lessons with us! Super boss member present!  Then we did some family history and had dinner at McCallisters afterward! The Spanish ate with us. Then Lance Felt picked us up and took us to teach the W's. It was a good lesson! But I was the kids' personal jungle gym..... 

Saturday- I went on exchanges while Elder Kay went to Midland for a doctor appt. Elder Caldes and I did service and then contacted! We met some sweet potentials and then we exchanged back. Dinner was at the Williamson's! Then we had a boss Nerf war! Elder Kay got shot in the eye! lol. Super funny! It was a great day. 

Sunday- Fast Sunday!! We had correlation and then ward council. I bore my testimony again!! We had 1 investigator come! Yay!! That was nice. Then we taught another lesson with Kyle to A and her friend J. We had dinner at the Bennett's. Love their kids! Shared with them the paper cross trick! They loved it! Bro Bennett drove us home. The Pecos elder came over and got hair cuts. I finally found my flash drive I had lost! 

Monday-  We bought groceries after laundry! WalMart here is so slow! But got all I needed. And now I'm here! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 25

Monday- We had our normal P-day and then ate dinner at a member's home. We ended up going on splits after dinner. Todd Klingler and I taught K a 2 minute restoration! lol. It was a busy night of trying to find people to teach! Todd also got bit by an investigator's dog on the butt! lol. It didn't hurt him. :)

Tuesday- We had district meeting and the Zone Leaders came! So afterward we went and ate at a Chinese buffet! It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Then I rode with Elder Pulsipher and wrote letters all the way to Roswell! :P Did service at the Salvation Army! I found a dollar bill, a fake 2 dollar bill, 3 quarters, and two 23 cent stamps in a briefcase! lol. Funny stuff! Then Elder Pulsipher and I ate at a member's home. Next we contacted an apartment complex! It was super nice. We met one girl and she just needed the gospel! She could feel it. We taught her and set up another day to come back! What a great time. I got some cool Polaroids that night!  

Wednesday- Woke up and had studies. At end of comp study they got off subject and I fell asleep! lol. I woke up and they had just finished exchange review. haha. They didn't wake me up cause they knew I was super tired and needed the sleep! #BESTFRIENDGOALS. Then Elder Hawes and I went and taught and did some contacting as well! haha. Great time. Then we rode back to Carlsbad. We stopped and got free McCallister's on the way back! We have a member who is a manager there! lol. Once back I dropped some mail off at the post office and then we taught L. We read with him and shared some good stuff about Alma 23-24. Then we had dinner at the Davis's. They had gumbo!! It was super boss!!!! Brother Davis dropped us off at the baptism of K. It turns out she a child of record baptism. 

Thursday- We went and did service at Faith Hope Love. Then we had lunch at the apartment. We taught L again and talked about breaking addictions. It was a great lesson! He's really trying to change his life! I'm excited for him. Then we taught in the Tia Maria apartments with a lot of our other investigators. we played football with some little boys there! They loved it and now love us! We play most times when we go over there. hahaha. Then we had dinner at the Bendixon's. They drove us home so we didn't have to walk! 

Friday- We did service at A's. We raked her leaves and then taught L again. We just helped him with his issues and tried to help him understand our beliefs more. We had lunch in apartment and then walked to Sis Strieby's. We raked some leaves for her and then shared a message! She is so funny! Crazy sarcastic lady. I love it! Then we went and had dinner at the Felt's. A great time. Then Lance took us to our appointment. It fell through. It was a great time though. 

Saturday- Played football with a bunch of people Saturday! I had an amazing time! I can outrun everyone there! hahaha. Then brother Herbst asked what we were doing for lunch. We told him we were going to Chili's for my birthday! So he said "alright... It's on me!" So he took us to eat! It was a great time!! Lance bought me and Elder Kay ties and a candy for our birthdays! :D Then we changed and taught some. Lance picked us up and took us to get snacks for the party! We hung out at the Felt's since we couldn't teach after dark! haha. Great time! 

Sunday- We went to church and had correlation and ward council! Church was great! I studied diligence in personal study! Then that's what the talks were on and the lesson in Elder's Quorum also! haha. That was great! I learned a ton more! haha. Great time at church. Ate with the Haake's for lunch! Then they wanted us to play some games with them, so we did! Then he dropped us off at our apartment. We went in so I could change. Right after I changed the weather got super bad! Huge storm! So Pecos Elders came over and we played some games. One was shipwreck and i won 2 out of 3!! lol. When the weather cleared up and we went on splits again! Kyle and I taught a boss lesson to T and R. Then we knocked the apartment complex. Soooo much fun!!

Monday-  We went shopping and now I'm here!

Have a great week! Love ya. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Our Christmas trees!