Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 25

Monday- We had our normal P-day and then ate dinner at a member's home. We ended up going on splits after dinner. Todd Klingler and I taught K a 2 minute restoration! lol. It was a busy night of trying to find people to teach! Todd also got bit by an investigator's dog on the butt! lol. It didn't hurt him. :)

Tuesday- We had district meeting and the Zone Leaders came! So afterward we went and ate at a Chinese buffet! It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Then I rode with Elder Pulsipher and wrote letters all the way to Roswell! :P Did service at the Salvation Army! I found a dollar bill, a fake 2 dollar bill, 3 quarters, and two 23 cent stamps in a briefcase! lol. Funny stuff! Then Elder Pulsipher and I ate at a member's home. Next we contacted an apartment complex! It was super nice. We met one girl and she just needed the gospel! She could feel it. We taught her and set up another day to come back! What a great time. I got some cool Polaroids that night!  

Wednesday- Woke up and had studies. At end of comp study they got off subject and I fell asleep! lol. I woke up and they had just finished exchange review. haha. They didn't wake me up cause they knew I was super tired and needed the sleep! #BESTFRIENDGOALS. Then Elder Hawes and I went and taught and did some contacting as well! haha. Great time. Then we rode back to Carlsbad. We stopped and got free McCallister's on the way back! We have a member who is a manager there! lol. Once back I dropped some mail off at the post office and then we taught L. We read with him and shared some good stuff about Alma 23-24. Then we had dinner at the Davis's. They had gumbo!! It was super boss!!!! Brother Davis dropped us off at the baptism of K. It turns out she a child of record baptism. 

Thursday- We went and did service at Faith Hope Love. Then we had lunch at the apartment. We taught L again and talked about breaking addictions. It was a great lesson! He's really trying to change his life! I'm excited for him. Then we taught in the Tia Maria apartments with a lot of our other investigators. we played football with some little boys there! They loved it and now love us! We play most times when we go over there. hahaha. Then we had dinner at the Bendixon's. They drove us home so we didn't have to walk! 

Friday- We did service at A's. We raked her leaves and then taught L again. We just helped him with his issues and tried to help him understand our beliefs more. We had lunch in apartment and then walked to Sis Strieby's. We raked some leaves for her and then shared a message! She is so funny! Crazy sarcastic lady. I love it! Then we went and had dinner at the Felt's. A great time. Then Lance took us to our appointment. It fell through. It was a great time though. 

Saturday- Played football with a bunch of people Saturday! I had an amazing time! I can outrun everyone there! hahaha. Then brother Herbst asked what we were doing for lunch. We told him we were going to Chili's for my birthday! So he said "alright... It's on me!" So he took us to eat! It was a great time!! Lance bought me and Elder Kay ties and a candy for our birthdays! :D Then we changed and taught some. Lance picked us up and took us to get snacks for the party! We hung out at the Felt's since we couldn't teach after dark! haha. Great time! 

Sunday- We went to church and had correlation and ward council! Church was great! I studied diligence in personal study! Then that's what the talks were on and the lesson in Elder's Quorum also! haha. That was great! I learned a ton more! haha. Great time at church. Ate with the Haake's for lunch! Then they wanted us to play some games with them, so we did! Then he dropped us off at our apartment. We went in so I could change. Right after I changed the weather got super bad! Huge storm! So Pecos Elders came over and we played some games. One was shipwreck and i won 2 out of 3!! lol. When the weather cleared up and we went on splits again! Kyle and I taught a boss lesson to T and R. Then we knocked the apartment complex. Soooo much fun!!

Monday-  We went shopping and now I'm here!

Have a great week! Love ya. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

 Our Christmas trees!

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