Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 26

Monday- After emails we went and played basketball at the church. I am still improving my ball skills! Then we had dinner at the Sullivan's. I gave Colt, the youngest kid who loves me, my only golden dollar on me! He adored that thing! Then on way back to the apartment we contacted a guy named G.P. He is a cool guy! He came out with tape measure suspenders! I just complimented him on them and then he loved us! We taught him about family history!!

Tuesday- We had district meeting/training. In the training we went on a blitz!! That was super fun. Elder Adams and I practiced our contacting and met a ton of people for the Pecos River elders to teach! Then we had lunch in the apartment. I ate some leftovers and went on exchanges with Elder Brown. We taught some of their people. Then a member took us to subway. Their son is an RM! His name is Caleb. I really enjoyed the exchange. We taught an 8 and 9 year old the law of chastity! That was super funny.

Wednesday- We went and did service at Faith Hope Love! Then Elder Kay had an eye apt. Lance Felt picked us up and took us! After the apointment we had lunch with the Winans! They took us to Red Chimney. I had a great burger! Then he dropped us off at the chapel for our interviews with President Heap! That was great! I love meeting with Pres. Heap. Then we got some pictures (Polaroids) and the other elders dropped us off. We taught a less active member and then had an RM, Zack Mortensen, come out with us for some lessons! That was super great and we set a baptismal date!!!

Thursday- We did service at Faith Hope Love again and also got a lesson there! Then we had lunch with the Pecos River elders in our apartment. We played some games during lunch and that was fun! Then we had Kyle K, another RM, come with us to some lessons. We taught A, a less active, again and then taught J. Then he then drove us around town to another lesson and taught again with us! I love RM's!! Best member presents! Then we had dinner at the Twitchel's and then went to play basketball at church!!! 

Friday- We got up and went to dentist! Bro Barney saw us for FREE! I got my teeth cleaned and had NO cavities!! Then we had personal studies and weekly planning. Caleb picked us up and went to two lessons with us! Super boss member present!  Then we did some family history and had dinner at McCallisters afterward! The Spanish ate with us. Then Lance Felt picked us up and took us to teach the W's. It was a good lesson! But I was the kids' personal jungle gym..... 

Saturday- I went on exchanges while Elder Kay went to Midland for a doctor appt. Elder Caldes and I did service and then contacted! We met some sweet potentials and then we exchanged back. Dinner was at the Williamson's! Then we had a boss Nerf war! Elder Kay got shot in the eye! lol. Super funny! It was a great day. 

Sunday- Fast Sunday!! We had correlation and then ward council. I bore my testimony again!! We had 1 investigator come! Yay!! That was nice. Then we taught another lesson with Kyle to A and her friend J. We had dinner at the Bennett's. Love their kids! Shared with them the paper cross trick! They loved it! Bro Bennett drove us home. The Pecos elder came over and got hair cuts. I finally found my flash drive I had lost! 

Monday-  We bought groceries after laundry! WalMart here is so slow! But got all I needed. And now I'm here! 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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