Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 27 - 6 months down and only 18 to go!

Monday- After emails I went with some other elders to the rec center and we played basketball and ping pong! Elder Irwin and I balled up 2 shirtless guys who thought they were super good! lol. We beat them 21-8. #missionarylife. Then we played a super long game of 21 and then switched to ping pong! I love playing sports! It is just a fun thing to do and helps relieve sooooo much stress! After all that we had dinner at the Freston's and they gave us a couch they were throwing away. Then some elders came over for haircuts so I cleaned up the apt for a bit while Elder Kay did that! I even got a trim at the end of the night. 

Tuesday- We took Elder Kay back to dentist to get a chip tooth fixed. After that, we had district meeting in the morning and then took some sweet district pictures!! Lance Felt came and helped us out with that!! Then lance took Elder Kay and I out to lunch at Subway. He bought us lunch and then we ate at his house with him and his mom. We spent lunch hour there and then Kyle K came and picked us up for a lesson at A's. It was a good lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love watching people see that their testimony is growing! It just helps me see that I'm doing what's right! Then we got driven out to the Burnett's and had a bomb dinner. We stayed there for a little and then they drove us into town! They dropped us off at volleyball and we played in our suits! hahaha! But now I really need to dry clean my suits!! lol It was a fun night. 

Wednesday-  We went to Faith Hope Love in the morning and did service there. Then we walked home afterward and had lunch. Pecos River came over and played cards with me during lunch. Then we went out and taught some. I don't remember rest of that day. Sorry! haha

Thursday-  We went to Faith Hope Love again and then walked back and had lunch! Then we got in service clothes and went down street to help a disabled guy chop up a fallen tree in his yard! We had a fun time! We chopped it up with  my little hatchet and his machetes! At end, A, the less active member we have been teaching showed up with an axe. Then we went to see Sis Strieby. My comp still hasn't fixed his flat, so I rode my bike while he walked! lol. I was done walking!!! I did some tricks on my bike and got a few pics. Then Brother Vega picked us up for dinner at his house and then took us out to basketball! I really enjoy this area!

Friday-  We got up and helped a member move a bed out of his house! He bought us breakfast at McDonald's afterward! Then we got axes and a broken chain saw to cut up the disabled guys other tree! That was a super fun time. The Pecos River elders helped us there! After that we got cleaned up and the Pruitt's took us out to lunch at Chili's! That was super boss! I loved it!!! Then they dropped us off at the Whygle's and we did service there! We cleaned up their whole yard! It looks like a brand new place now!! It was super good for them and showed them that we truly care for them! Ate dinner with the Mortensen's at a Mexican restaurant. It was super good! 

Saturday- We woke up and helped the Priesthood help 2 ladies move! We got a dozen donuts free! Then we played football with some people! That was super fun. No blisters this week!  Then Tex took us out to eat at Danny's place! I got a boss burger. That makes 5  meals in a row out!!! Crazy! lol. Then we came back and taught some and then had dinner at the Horrocks'. Then Bro Horrocks went with us to a lesson and that was bomb!!! I went to bed and felt a little bad....but I got my package that day though!!!!

Sunday-  I woke up and had a lot of lower tummy trouble! That sucked! Then I took a Pepto Bismol and tried to survive. We had a personal study and then got ready for church! I was not missing that!! I knew I had to have the sacrament! So, I went to church. That was great and after church we ate at the Fairbanks'. I didn't have much appetite, but I ate anyways and felt a little better. Once it started to settle though, I felt horrible again. So when he took us home I laid down and rested! We didn't get to teach that night and I slept a ton
Monday-  I woke up and felt a lot better! Sleep really helped me! I woke up early and did laundry and then we all went to the Carlsbad Caverns! That was a super fun time!!! I got some cool pics! Then we came back and now I'm here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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