Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 29

Monday- After emails we had a lesson with L.! It was pretty good! We explained Lehi's vision in 1 Nephi 8&11! Then ate at his house! He took us home and we waited for a car to go shopping.... waited 2 hours and then finally another set of missionaries let us use their car! It was a long day and very stressful! I put suits in the cleaners... then got home and walked to the Freston's for dinner! Some idiots started honking at us annoyingly for no reason... but, its all part of the calling! Then we stopped by some less actives, but no luck! 

Tuesday- Had studies and then went to District Meeting! It was a pretty nice time. We went on exchanges with the Pecos River elders! Their area has been really struggling! So, we went and contacted in their area! It was awesome! I love contacting! We knocked on some doors and taught people! That was amazing! Me and Elder Clarke had 3 lessons and 2 less actives in 5 hours!!! Super great! We went to dinner in their area and met the Franks. Funny people. Then we went by a less active's to go to AR. He ditched on us. So, we rode our bikes to the AR class! When were about to leave because he wasn't there, my tire went flat! I pumped it up and booked it to my apt before it deflated again! Super fun!! Ended up replacing the whole tube... hahaha. Then went to volleyball with Brother Felt!
Wednesday- Had studies. Elder Kay was sick and so was Elder Clarke! so Elder Jensen and I went to FHL to do service! Then the Winan's took us to lunch at Mi Casita! Great time. We stopped at store to get the other elders some meds. Then Elder Jensen and I balled some kids up and talked with them. Then we rode to I's and shot around with him and taught him the restoration! :D Then we made contact with L. again! We went to see one of their less actives, but he wasn't home... so we drove by and talked with more kids at the court. Shot with them and made good relationship! (Now most of the kids in Carlsbad love us! They all say, we want the missionaries on our team!!)  hahaha. Super funny. Then we exchanged back and had dinner at the Brown's. Super fun. Then we taught the W's with Brother Williamson! He did boss!! Great lesson! A and J are so ready for baptism!!

Thursday- We had studies. Elder Kay felt better so we went to FHL together. We did service and then they took us out to lunch!! It was super great!! Then we dropped some food off at an investigators house and taught them. I kept their 5 year old kid quiet so that Elder Kay could teach and then they could feel the spirit! It was super great!!! Then we tried by some of our investigators... no luck! We had dinner with the Williamson family at KFC! I love their family! Reminds me sooooo much of mine! Then we went to basketball. We had a great time! I. came to basketball and had a ball too!!

Friday-  Had studies and then picked up my dry cleaning! $30 for 2 suits!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! ugh... but they are clean now... lol. Then we went to the zoo to do service! We got in and then the plant director put us to work! So, he had us help trim the parking lot! We went ham on that place! We were constantly dumping the gators there! It was us and Pecos River elders!!! Then we had lunch at Lotta Burger and then went to the Brown's and helped them shake their pecan trees and get their trees fixed up! :D great time! Then we went back to our apt, gave Spanish their car, and weekly planned! It was a fun time! :D Then we had dinner at the Horrocks. We had some great pulled beef sandwiches! Then had pie and ice cream! We did family history and I got some more names! 

Saturday- Woke up at 445 and showered to wake myself up!  Went to the temple! I got 24 family names baptized and confirmed! We witnessed there. Great time. Then ate at Fudrucker's on way home! I really enjoyed it! I also got some good sleep on ride there and back! When we got back, we stopped by and saw L.! He gave us some coins and stuff from his collection. Super nice! He gave us all pesos. lol. No use to me here... hahaha. But still nice of him! Then we had dinner at the Fairbanks! Super GREAT time! I really enjoy eating with them! Then we taught A.M. at the FHC. Taught about the temples. Great time! 

Sunday- We had studies and then had correlation at church! After correlation we all realized that it's 5th Sunday and that we don't have ward council.... so we waited at church for church to start! Kinda funny. Then we had church! After church, I helped brother Freston change his tire and we rode home with the Barneys. Once at the apt, we walked in and had to call our manager... it smelled like weed... he came and he smells just as good as my dad does...not at all! lol. Then he saw our storage closet door was broken...(door knob broke on inside and front of door had a hole from my foot....) so, he tried his hardest to break in! He couldn't... So, I asked if I could open it for him.... he said "if you can!" lol. Challenge accepted! 10 seconds later the door was open he he told me that I am a Pro at breaking and entering..... lol. Too funny! He's gonna get us a new door since ours is rotting! YAY!!! Then we ate lunch at the Felt's. Then taught the W's at the FHC. Great lesson! They are so ready that it is not funny! Such strong testimonies!!! Then we got picked up by the Pruitts for dinner! We had pasta at their house! super great time!! We taught them about how EVERYTHING God has given us is good, if used correctly! Then he drove us home.  :D

Monday- walked 1/2 mile to laundry mat with laundry over my shoulder... Spanish was running super late and we were tired of waiting! We did laundry and then went shopping. So glad our cards are refilled! I had $2.15 on mine! lol. So I'll make it through the transfer hopefully! Then we ate lunch in the apartment and now we are here!

Have a safe and blessed week! I love yall!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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