Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 3

Well I'm on!! It is Saturday and I am washing laundry in the laundry mat. This week has been pretty good. The food has gotten worse, but I'm doing fine. 

I'm still 165 lbs and I eat buffet for 3 meals of the day! That is the Lord giving me blessings! lol. I eat healthy usually and try to limit myself. I haven't had soda in over 3 weeks. So I'm doing pretty great. TRC investigators are pretty good. We got our hardest investigator to pray in the beginning of his lesson yesterday. Then I started talking about commandments and he got up and ran out! RAN OUT OF THE LESSON!!! -_-  lol. 

He did have a reason. He is an avid dancer and got a text that they needed him urgently to perform. We shook hands and then gave him a hug and he ran away. was okay ha ha ha. It's been fun here. I'm ready to be in the real field though! 

Other than that, the week is the same. Classes after classes.... lol. My booty hurts from sitting. I did get to play basketball with Elder McLawhorn from Kinston Ward! I crossed him so was halarious! NOT EVEN JOKING!!!!!!!!!! 


Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 2

This week has been good. Lots of prayers answered! I have been busy. I have to be at the travel office at 3:30 am. Not cool! lol. But it is all good. I am so ready to get to Texas. 

We stay busy here! Everyday is a set schedule and we try to follow it exactly. (Exact Obedience). I don't know what to write about it. The MTC is tough at times, but easy at others. I love the environment of learning here. The Spirit is always abundant! Wed to today we have studied, taught, studied, prayed continually, laughed some, and EXERCISED! We also just tried to learn how to teach each person according to their needs. Each person is different and if you teach to their needs, then they will be able to see how the gospel will bless their lives!

Elder Nathan Zeagler

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week 1

This past week has been the greatest so far! I have cried a few times, but not really from home sickness. I have just been a little stressed and have been doing great things.It is crazy how fast time flies. I leave the MTC in less than two weeks. Yes i miss all of you and miss giving you all hugs! I wish i could give you hugs all the time. Especially my two little bros!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are all doing well. One thing that i learned this week is to turn outward and help others and to not turn inward as much. It is difficult! Christ did it when one of his disciples cut off the ear of one of the mob members that took Jesus. Even though He was being captured and going to be killed he still showed that kindness. I learned that from character of Christ. BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Bednar came and spoke and I had a few questions in my mind answered. It was great. This week has going by, but i wrote down most of it in my journal. MY district is great. I am the District leader for them. It is a lot of work and responsibility but it is great.  

The first day was pretty good. I was a little home sick, but i got through it. My teachers here are amazing. I love them. They do so much for me. They are probably the reason I am doing so well. I would like to give a shout out to  "Prissy" Hill. I loved your joke. I will treasure your gift forever! ha ha ha. It made my day (this was yesterday that I got it)

Wednesday through Saturday were studying and learning more of how to teach and what to teach. Investigators can be tough. My teacher gave me and my companion the hardest investigator because he said that he knew we could do it. We got him to pray in a lesson and to read part of a Book of Mormon. 

Sunday was awesome. I learned so much while in sacrament. I love my Branch Presidency. They are so smart in the gospel that it is crazy. I loved the temple walk that we did too. I got some pictures, but my computer doesn't have the stuff to upload them so i will send an SD card home eventually.

A little about my companion, Elder Jensen..We get along well. We both have the same interest and I think the lord put us together for that reason. We are both fit and workout every chance we get.

Some people have been asking what they can do for me. I would appreciate pictures of friends and family. Dear Elder mail is amazing. ( ) Packages are great! (not too much candy). I want to stay a model. LOL. Ties that are crazy good (preferably skinny ties) and anything you think would help. Hand written letters mean a lot. I try to write back all who send me mail. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler  
l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

My District

Me and the Elders in my district

One of the many name tag pictures he sent home this week!

Let the training begin!

I made it to the MTC. My companion is Elder Jensen. So far it is great! I am loving it. It is almost like EFY. I'll let you know when my p-day is when I find out. Talk to you soon!

Elder Nathan Zeagler  
l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Safe and Sound

Well today I left on my mission as you all know. It has been pretty good so far. My first flight was only an hour and I slept like 20 minutes total. I got to sit wherever I wanted on my first flight because the flight attendant told me I looked to good to sit with everyone else. Ha ha ha. I agree! 😋 Once in Atlanta, I got me a muffin (banana nut) and a Fiji water and found my gate. I sat with a group of elders that were coming home from Chile. They were super nice. I boarded my flight to Utah soon after. On that flight I cried a lot because I wrote some letters to some people back home. (Don't be upset if you didn't get one. I only hand wrote those that asked for a letter!) If you want one from me, write me a letter and give it to my mom to send me in first care package that I will be getting SOON. "cough cough". Get to work mom. LOL After I arrived in Utah I toured temple square with Aunt Valerie Wright and Brittany Hallenberger.  At the end of that I was exhausted. On the way home I passed out in the car... hence the pic from aunt Val on fb...not cool. But so far I have just toured Utah and came home and mailed the letters and wrote in my journal. I am doing good so far. Overall the experience has been great! ha ha ha
Elder Nathan Zeagler                                                                                   
l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Me and my brothers together 
for the last time till I get back in 2 years!