Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week 1

This past week has been the greatest so far! I have cried a few times, but not really from home sickness. I have just been a little stressed and have been doing great things.It is crazy how fast time flies. I leave the MTC in less than two weeks. Yes i miss all of you and miss giving you all hugs! I wish i could give you hugs all the time. Especially my two little bros!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are all doing well. One thing that i learned this week is to turn outward and help others and to not turn inward as much. It is difficult! Christ did it when one of his disciples cut off the ear of one of the mob members that took Jesus. Even though He was being captured and going to be killed he still showed that kindness. I learned that from character of Christ. BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Bednar came and spoke and I had a few questions in my mind answered. It was great. This week has going by, but i wrote down most of it in my journal. MY district is great. I am the District leader for them. It is a lot of work and responsibility but it is great.  

The first day was pretty good. I was a little home sick, but i got through it. My teachers here are amazing. I love them. They do so much for me. They are probably the reason I am doing so well. I would like to give a shout out to  "Prissy" Hill. I loved your joke. I will treasure your gift forever! ha ha ha. It made my day (this was yesterday that I got it)

Wednesday through Saturday were studying and learning more of how to teach and what to teach. Investigators can be tough. My teacher gave me and my companion the hardest investigator because he said that he knew we could do it. We got him to pray in a lesson and to read part of a Book of Mormon. 

Sunday was awesome. I learned so much while in sacrament. I love my Branch Presidency. They are so smart in the gospel that it is crazy. I loved the temple walk that we did too. I got some pictures, but my computer doesn't have the stuff to upload them so i will send an SD card home eventually.

A little about my companion, Elder Jensen..We get along well. We both have the same interest and I think the lord put us together for that reason. We are both fit and workout every chance we get.

Some people have been asking what they can do for me. I would appreciate pictures of friends and family. Dear Elder mail is amazing. ( ) Packages are great! (not too much candy). I want to stay a model. LOL. Ties that are crazy good (preferably skinny ties) and anything you think would help. Hand written letters mean a lot. I try to write back all who send me mail. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler  
l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

My District

Me and the Elders in my district

One of the many name tag pictures he sent home this week!

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