Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Safe and Sound

Well today I left on my mission as you all know. It has been pretty good so far. My first flight was only an hour and I slept like 20 minutes total. I got to sit wherever I wanted on my first flight because the flight attendant told me I looked to good to sit with everyone else. Ha ha ha. I agree! 😋 Once in Atlanta, I got me a muffin (banana nut) and a Fiji water and found my gate. I sat with a group of elders that were coming home from Chile. They were super nice. I boarded my flight to Utah soon after. On that flight I cried a lot because I wrote some letters to some people back home. (Don't be upset if you didn't get one. I only hand wrote those that asked for a letter!) If you want one from me, write me a letter and give it to my mom to send me in first care package that I will be getting SOON. "cough cough". Get to work mom. LOL After I arrived in Utah I toured temple square with Aunt Valerie Wright and Brittany Hallenberger.  At the end of that I was exhausted. On the way home I passed out in the car... hence the pic from aunt Val on fb...not cool. But so far I have just toured Utah and came home and mailed the letters and wrote in my journal. I am doing good so far. Overall the experience has been great! ha ha ha
Elder Nathan Zeagler                                                                                   
l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Me and my brothers together 
for the last time till I get back in 2 years!

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