Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 24

Tuesday- After emails, we went to Faith Hope Love and did service. After that Elder Kay went and I ate McCallister's. (We had a VIP card thingy; free food!) Then met a inactive who loves the missionaries. He is a manager there. He gave us and our bikes a ride home because it was cold! Then Lance Felt picked us up for volleyball. We played that for a bit and then Brother Felt took us home. 

Wednesday- We had district meeting and then I was on exchanges with Elder Caldes! It was a really nice time! :) We had Spanish study and then ate lunch with an investigator and a less active member. Then we did service at Faith Hope Love! We wrapped presents just like the day before!! I'm a dang pro at wrapping presents!! Then we had dinner at a Spanish members home! One of their kids looks just like my little brother Bryan! It was crazy cool! Then we contacted some referrals! One was G! He is freaking crazy! hahaha. But we got in his house and had a great lesson! Great time. Then I stayed night in Spanish's apt. 

Thursday- We had personal study, then rode back to my apartment and we all had an exchange review there. Then we went to the Family History center and did Family History for an hour! I found me 3 names to do at the temple! :) Super excited!!!!! Then we went finding and met T. He's a nice kid. We are gonna try to stop by again soon!  We had lunch in the apartment and then choir practice! It was a nice time! We have got to practice a little more before Sunday! I felt sick and tired all day. So then Spanish gave us some food that someone had given them! Then we saw Sister Strieby and biked to the Vanderkrats for dinner. They fed us Shrimp Alfredo for dinner! Plus it was Elder Kay's birthday! So they had a birthday cake!  Then we went and played basketball at church. TONS of people there! iI was fun though! "Crossed" one of the Boxwell bros up! hahah. they are REALLY GOOD!!!! then we went to the apartment. 

Friday-  We woke up and studied, then had a quick weekly planning! We had a baptismal interview at the Family History center with the zone leaders. We taught her the last lesson right before! She is all good to get baptized Wednesday! :) After that we had lunch in the apartment and then went finding. We didn't meet anyone.... stopped by W.'s to get Elder Kay a hair cut. That was my birthday present to him! hahaha. Then we went and did service at the Felt's house! We painted there for a good bit, then we went to a house and helped make dinner. Tamales......I am still not a fan! lol. then we went to the apartment and cleaned up and went to bed. 

Saturday-  Christmas Eve! We went and had choir practice at the Folsom's house. Church was locked and we don't have a new key! hahaha. Then I was on exchanges with Elder Caldes again while Elder Kay got his foot looked at! We played muchikin during lunch! It was pretty fun! I won the game I played!!! lol. So then we did service at the Barney's by wrapping Christmas after an appointment fell through. We did some home teaching with him. Then he dropped us off at our apartment. Elder Kay left our phone in the Spanish elders car.... so we had no phone. Finally Lance felt came and picked us up for dinner. After dinner at the Fairbanks, we went and played games as a district at the Family History center! We played freeze and murderer in the dark. It was a great time. 

Sunday-  Christmas! I got up at 6 and prayed! Fell asleep.... then finished prayer! lol. I went in living room and opened my presents. Got almost all of them right! hahaha. Then I made breakfast for the district. It took a while but everyone seemed to have liked it! Then we went to church. I sang in the choir in the church program. That ran over.... so got to Skype late.... it was great to see the family! I enjoyed it! We stayed to the hour! Then we left later that day and we ate at the Hansen's home! We had shepherds supper. We ate fish and bread in the candle light. It was neat to see how people use to eat in the old times. We went home after dinner and went to bed after a good hard workout! 

Monday-  I did laundry and studied, then we went around town and got some cool pics. We got chewed out by a railroad worker for being near the railroad! lol. All is okay though. He let us off easy! Got some nice pictures though! We didn't go shopping. I don't need anything. We ate a quesadilla for lunch and now I'm here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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