Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 21 Goodbye Perryton...

Monday- After emails we went to the Senior center and put up lights after eating with them!  Then we went and looked in stores. I didn't buy anything. I wrote letters and ate diner before leaving to Spearman. In Spearman we saw a less active named J and then did laundry and talked to M Garnett. 

Tuesday- We drove to district meeting and afterwards we drove back to Perryton! hahaha. We had a personal study. Then helped Brother Wooten move out and then saw MG. Then we left for the Pipkins' and ate dinner there! Sister Pipkin can cook!! We are eating there tonight too!!! I love the Pipkins'. Later we came back and had some language study. Today was tons of travel!

Wednesday- We had a district call after studies. Then we went and helped at the Senior center! It was pretty awesome as usual. Afterward we pulled painting tape off of D's house. Then we had some language studies and later we taught D and had dinner afterward. We knocked on some doors, but that didn't go well. No one wanted to talk to us. Finally we saw R and the M family that night! 

Thursday- We went knocking after a lesson fell through in the morning! Still no success. We had lunch in the apartment and did service at the Crisis Center and the museum. It was pretty fun! Then we knocked some more and I met my first Lutheran, E. She was nice, but we didn't get to teach her. We had dinner in the apartment and went and helped someone move in for 30 min. We also went to see M and then N. It was a nice night. I am sad that N just wont read the Book of Mormon....We all have agency....

Friday- We studied and went to Senior center! Nancy fried me some fish!!! It was good! hahah. After that, we did some weekly planning and we saw M and her family and had a lesson! Great time even though her husband was basically interrogating us! Then we saw C and then R. Brother Farnsworth came to that lesson! Afterward, he RAN across town to the next appointment! lol. We rode our bikes. On the way to that next lesson with R, we stopped at Pak-a-Sak because I felt we needed to. We used the bathroom of course and on way out, i felt to prompting to say hey to the girl at register. We started to talk to her and then invited her to church! She said that she's been looking a church and would come sometime soon!! How awesome!! #promptingfollowed Then we went to R's and then biked home slow because the snow was making the road wet!

Saturday-  Woke up and messed with the snow just a little. It was melting away already. :'( Then we walked ALL DAY! We walked a huge lap around town! My knees were killing me that night, but we met a guy named T and taught him while he was frying a pig! Then we saw H. I got us in by asking to use his bathroom!! It was great!! lol. Then we saw the M's and taught N...she still wouldn't read the Book of Mormon!! ugh!!!!!! Then we saw Rs kids! We were sitting in the living room when all of a sudden the rent lady and R's girlfriend busted in arguing! So we took the kids to the kitchen and taught them what the Book of Mormon is! Then we went home. CRAZY NIGHT!!! I also got the call to tell me that I'll be serving in Carlsbad, NM for at least the next six weeks!!!

Sunday- We went to church and had break the fast afterward! I ate too much as usual! So we biked it off rest of day! We went around saying goodbyes after church and teaching when possible. I got pics with some of my favorites! Then we had dinner with R and watched the First Presidency's Christmas devotional. We went to see the M's to get a pic and then they gave us a ride home! It was a busy day!

Monday- I went hunting a suit case this morning! I finally found one for $100! hahahah. I bought it and now we are emailing. I will have to pack most of the rest of day probably. 

Love y'all! Be back next week!!

Elder Nathan Zeagler

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