Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 17

Monday- After emails we had lunch in the apt and the we went and played some basket ball!! That was pretty fun. I was killing the 3's. I wish I was this good during church ball! lol. Then we wrote letters in the apt and the went to Spearman and ate dinner with the Garnett's and played Catan...weird game... lol. Stayed in the bunk house. I also made my planner cover!

Tuesday-  We had district meeting and then went on exchanges! Elder Hatch and I biked most of day! (They don't have a car) So we went and did service and taught some people. Knocked a ton and contacted one referral! Pretty great day. Elder hatch is amazing! He teaches me a ton each time I go on exchanges with him! Learned I need to pray for strength! (that helped for Saturday! btw). A member brought us Taco Bell! #blessed!!

Wednesday- We went and did service at the museum. We dusted! lol. Then we taught E. (she got baptized this sat!! 11/5) Then we had lunch in Dumas's apt. Was pretty great! I took a nap instead of eating! lol. I was exhausted. Then we went finding and had E's baptismal interview. So that was fun. Rode home and then taught N. with brother Farnsworth. That was sweet. Then we saw R and had dinner. Pretty sweet day! My comp shot me though... with an acorn! It left a paintball whelp! lol 

Thursday- We studied as usual and then contacted a guy named J. Pretty cool guy. He might call us to help him paint inside his house/remodel! lol. I might know a little about that..... lol.  Then we did service at the Crisis Center and taught K. After that we had dinner in the apt and then saw T with Brother Farnsworth and saw R! Great lessons.

Friday- We studied and then served at the Senior center. After the Senior center we changed and served at the museum!! That was fun! We got to see tons of cool stuff :D. Then we did weekly planning and had dinner. We saw M and then the M. family. It was a pretty busy day of service!! Elder Pierson asked a random guy to use his toilet! lol. 

Saturday- BUSY!!!!!! I crashed in front of Shopko and popped a tire. We were heading to get Elder Pierson a tube! Lol. KARMA!!! So I walked my bike home...then we saw several people after I put a wheel from my old bike on. We biked and taught a ton of people. One drunk guy we taught was about to fight us... lol. But it all was good! Then on way to another appt.... I popped my other tire! So a member was driving into town and gave us a ride to our apt to get the car to pic up the bikes! Lol. So we took them back and then taught R's son, D and his friend. Great day even with the adversities I had. 

Sunday- FAST Sunday! I love it!!! I bore my testimony as always and learned a ton from others. Ate at church afterward and then went to the apt and studied some Spanish! i was so full that I fell asleep last 10-15 min. lol. Need to repent! haha. Then we parked the car on a street and walked around and taught people and contacted. We had dinner and then taught R and he said he'd walk to church with us Sunday!!! Then we taught J.(The guy whose toilet Elder Pierson used!!) lol. Another great day overall!!

Monday- studied and set up a dinner apt for tonight! And now we here

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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