Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 15 Companion change in Perryton coming next week

Monday- We prepared for the week and then we taught some in Spearman! We had dinner at the Pipkins! lol. I love them!!! We did laundry at the Garnett's bunk house and then we played ticket to ride with the Garnett kids. Great day and I enjoyed it!

Tuesday- We ate at the Garnett's and had french toast for breakfast! <3. lol. I felt like a fat kid eating so much unhealthy breakfast!! lol Then we drove to Dumas to have District Meeting. It was pretty great. Elder Grover made a pie for everyone to share! It was so delicious!!! After DM, Elder Grover and I went on exchanges! We bought taco bell for lunch and then came back to Perryton and went to work. Really busy night. We were so guided by the Spirit that it was crazy!!! 

Wednesday- We served at Senior Center and then I picked up Elder Olmos and we came back and went to work. Busy day! We had a good amount of excellent lessons!

Thursday-We had a ton of lessons! It was crazy how much we taught in one day! I loved it so much!! We got to see a ton of cool investigators and set up a lot of appointments. 

Friday- Busy day. We did tons of service and then went on splits that night. It was great time and got to learn while teaching! I had a headache, but it was still amazing!!!. Got to visit a few LA and check up on them!! 

Saturday- Got to do service and paint a lady's house! It was awesome! I loved climbing all on her roof. It made me feel like I was working with dad again! lol. I loved it!!  Ate lunch at Chiuahs. It was crazy good and free because we had a gift card. Main important thing. Transfer calls! That was crazy!!! I'm staying in Perryton!

Sunday- I got to confirm D.! That was so awesome! I felt the Holy Ghost talking to me and working through me! It was crazy!!!! Then we taught some lessons and had dinner at Bro. Charles' apt! It was nice and got to learn a ton from him!!!

Sorry it's short this week!! I'll do better next week. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

Service with a SMILE!

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