Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 12

Monday- After emails we went and played basketball with an investigator and taught some! I cut my hair and we went to Spearman to do laundry and to play with some of the members. 

Tuesday- we had Zone training in Borger. That was really good. I love training because my leaders teach me a lot! They are so great. We also had car inspections and then we had ice cream after training. Elder Olmos wanted to eat subway, so we went to Wal-mart. He got his subway and I got a new camera and other necessities. Then we left and drove to Spearman! Elder Olmos started to get sick. We came back and helped someone move in during our hour for dinner..... luckily our next lesson had made us dinner!!!!! So we were fed!  Then we went and taught one more lesson before retiring. 

Wednesday- We did service as usual at the Senior center! then we contacted and met J.! She's super nice. We set up a return appointment with her and taught a lesson. Then we taught D,! That was super nice! He was really interested and said everything was making sense. (the gospel does! lol). Then we had dinner. After dinner we contacted and set up appointments. Then we taught R. again. She is so ready for baptism, but just doesn't know it! She's the best and has the cutest little daughter!!!!

Thursday- We had a crazy day Thursday! After studies we went to teach. About half-way through a lesson elder Olmos ends it.... lol. So I just went with it and figured he had had a prompting!! lol. Once outside he was about to die!!! So we headed to Spearman to see the doctor! Turns out he has Bronchitis! lol. So we got some meds from pharmacy and local stores lol. We went back and taught two lessons and then played racquetball with a LA kid and his friend. Elder Olmos just sat in corner and watched.... He did not feel good at all!!! Then we went to the apartment and had dinner. After dinner he felt horrible so we decided to stay in the rest of the night. So I cleaned the apartment and took care of him. When all else service!!  

Friday- My comp felt bad still, but better than before. So we went out and did work!!! Had a really busy day. We taught 8 lessons and did 4 hours of service!!! That's crazy awesome!!!!!! Best day in a while. We got along so well and taught in such unity. It was great. My companion said he learned a lot from me that day.... I just enjoyed working extra extra hard. Plus i got to see my companion grow. It was the best day of week!!!

Saturday- We had a busy day watching Conference. In the mission you have to watch ALL the sessions!!!!!! I hated the idea at first, but as I watched them I loved it!!!! We watched sat morning with R. in Spanish. I entertained her daughter so she could pay attention!!! Then we watched the second session with Bro Farnsworth and his family. So I got to watch conference with Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma!!! Get on my level! jk :) lol. Also had the Priesthood session that I watched! lol. We had pizza for dinner at the Priesthood session! 

Sunday- Watched conference most of the day and taught 2 lessons!!! Watched the morning session with D.! He liked it and then we taught him a lesson. I rewatched the Saturday morning session in English after the second session on sunday! lol. I had to understand it this time. We ate dinner at 8 because it was dark!!! I made great dinner!!! This boy can cook!!! 

Monday- here now. Has been a stressful day, but love talking to y'all!!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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