Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 11

Monday: We left and did some quick shopping and had lunch. After that we washed laundry and cleaned the car. Then we packed and headed to Dumas. In Dumas we played soccer! (my team won!) lol. Then we cleaned up and taught some lessons in Dumas. Busy night! Me and Elder Grover went out to teach and taught the Word Of Wisdom to J.! Great lesson!!! 

Tuesday: We got up, I was fasting and went to Amarillo. I drove and it was pretty fun. Zone Conference was GREAT!!!!! Learned a ton! One important thing is in Jacob 4:10!!! Learned a ton on prayer and from now on, we have to take family names to the temple in order to get there!!! So now we are going to have to do family history!! Exciting!! I'm stoked!!!! After the meeting we ate Chic-fil-a at the Amarillo mall. I have missed their lemonade so much. I ordered a small and kept going back for refills! Finally the lady threw it in the trash and gave me a large for free!!!! She said that way she didn't have to refill it every two minutes!! lol. I love lemonade!! Drove back to Dumas and then taught one lesson there. Stayed night in Dumas again! 

Wednesday: We drove back after personal study and as soon as we got back we were moving a couch for some members in our branch! Then we did service at the Senior center!! Great time! I love doing service there!!! The people we work with are the bomb!!! Then we went and taught and had great lessons!!!! Then we served at the crisis center and had dinner at the apartment. We later saw S.!! He is the coolest 11 yr old ever! (until Nov. 1!!!!) ;P. Then we contacted and met new people! It was a great day!!

Thursday: We studied until lunch and then contacted after lunch!  Then we drove to Spearman and found out where a PI lives so we can visit him sometime!! Then we taught S. in Spearman. She is so nice! She is open to us and honest. I really appreciate that! Then we went to the Pipkins' and they practiced songs to play at the Senior center. We had dinner there and afterward a lesson with the M's! Then we left and drove back to Spearman and taught R!! great time!!! Love to hear from them!!!!

Friday: We contacted after studies and met a nice lady! First encounter with an atheist! lol. It was pretty cool. Then we did service at the Senior center! After that we met A.! A great guy who used to be a pastor. He was so unsure on how he felt, but he took a Book Of Mormon and promised to read it! So we will see.... Then we taught some more and had dinner at the apartment. Busy day after that! Taught a lot and met ANOTHER atheist!! It was crazy, but i love a good challenge! hahaha. Learning how to help different people! 

Saturday: We went to play soccer! But... no one came because it was so wet!! So elder Olmos got a hair cut and I waited till I could buy some clippers! (today). Then we had lunch and did our weekly planning at the apartment. We went to chapel to practice piano for zone training tomorrow! I can now play Book Of Mormon stories!! WATCH OUT!!! Then we did service from 4-8!! We served at the Senior center fundraiser! I won a NICE tool kit that I was gonna buy!! M. had to have rigged it! But either way, I love it and I'm so blessed! It's the best. So now  my bike is working well!!! After serving there, we taught R.!!

Sunday: Went to church and that was great! I love church!!!!!! Best part of week by far!!! After church we went to Spearman for lunch!! Ate at the Garnett's and then Elder Olmos practiced more for tomorrow! Then we came back and taught the rest of night! Had dinner at like 8:30pm cause it was too dark to contact! Great day!

Today: I I studied and came here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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