Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 10

Tuesday: We were in spearman all day! We got to teach alot and got to have dinner at the Pipkins! Home cooked meals are the best. She made steaks, bread, and mac and cheese! Great meal!!!! I loved it. Then they went with us to a lesson. Very busy day. We came back to Perryton and got to teach E. and one of T.'s sons!!!! GREAT TIME.

Wednesday: We did normal morning routine and then taught a quick lesson to L. Then we served at senoir center!! I love that place! It is fun and great place to talk to people. One guy had a Rolls Royce!!!!! Then we went to see C.  After visiting with her, we served 2 hours at the crisis  center! Fun there!!! After that we had dinner and then taught E. again! Busy day overall! We did a ton of service hours and also made great contact. We taught him a lesson and then he told us to stay for tacos!!! Great time!!!

Thursday: We made the baptismal program and did service at J.'s! Ate lunch after ward and then mowed a member's yard who had moved. Then we got cleaned up and went to church to have E.'s baptismal interview. It went well!!!! Then we had dinner and went and contacted and taught. Met a lady who knew half of the restoration already. We are going to teach her sometime soon!!! Then we taught J.  again. He might come to church sometime!!! Then met L. The Missionaries talked to him a few months ago!!! And we taught him a lesson too!! 

Friday:  We went and served at senoir center and then did 12 weeks and spanish study. I know about 75 verbs now!! Watch out!!! lol. jk.  Then we taught some until dinner. After dinner we taught 7 lessons!!! That's amazing! We were putting in work!!!  Busy day. Not much to say there! lol 

Saturday: Another busy day. We went and played soccer at 10 am in the park. 5 kids showed up so we played a small game!  We had lunch afterward and then did our weekly planning. Then we taught a lesson before eating dinner! After dinner we tried to teach more! Not a lot of people home... but we found a LA and R. and G. We Invited them all to church lol.

Sunday: Church went well!! learned a ton. While preparing the Sacrament (braking bread) R. and G. walked in! Inside my mind I was jumping up and down like a rockstar! lol E. had her baptism afterward. I had the privledge of baptizing her! Great experience!! Really enjoyed the fruits of our efforts and hers!!! For future reference, bring a towel and extra garments if you baptize someone..... if not.... you will have to wring out garments and dry off with paper towels! lol... Speaking from experience! hahahah. Then we went to Spearman and taught. Great day of teaching! Got to do role plays with Mayes family too!!! Then they made us dinner! Pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was to die for!!!! Like putting caramel on a pancake! lol. left and headed home!!

Monday: Did studies and came straight here!!!!!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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