Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 9

Tuesday - After emails I went and taught in Dumas. For part of the night Elder Grover (he came out with me) and I went out and knocked doors for a bit. Taught some great lessons with him. I like him a lot. He's pretty chill. We ate at their apartment and then taught more. Pretty good day. Great contacts!  The I slept that night in Dumas!

Wednesday-  We studied till 11 and then we exchanged back in Spearman! We left immediately and went to a funeral for a member who passed away 2 days before. We ran out of gas on the way back home. Stopped on side of road...NOT FUN! An investigator brought us gas. We got back and taught some lessons! Good day over all.

Thursday- We studied and then did service! I was "going Rambo" according to my investigator. We cleaned her back yard 1/2 way. It's a jungle!! I had a long spade and was using it like a bush-axe! lol. I worked so hard I was soaked from sweating!!! I was just going at it for 5 min straight at one time. I made a blister, popped it, and made another. My investigator looked at me with amazement and told me that I was the hardest working guy she had ever seen! Then we had lunch and taught some more! lol. We do a lot of that for some odd reason.

Friday- We contacted for a little and then we went and did service at the Senior Center at lunch as usual! Then we taught M.! We started to help her with her Family History and then we went and did service at the Crisis Center. After service we had dinner and then taught E. She's 9 and is being baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! I've been asked by her to do the baptism! #privileged. Then we taught a great restoration lesson at C and H. After it I bought me a blanket to stay warm at night! Then we went to see T. and and taught his son, R. Great day!!

Saturday- We studied and then went to the park to play soccer with investigators!!! NOT A SINGLE ONE SHOWED UP!!! lol. So we went and checked referrals online. Then went back to the apartment and had lunch. After that we did weekly planning, then we went and tried to find a contact we made 3 weeks ago. We couldn't find the road he lived on for 2 weeks, but then I saw it on the map the night before!! So we went and found his house. They got married the day before! God made it so we couldn't find them till after that happened!! The wife is so interested! I'm excited to teach them!!!! We also taught T. again and he said he would come to church!

Sunday- We finally had branch council. I gave my talk and everyone seemed to have liked it I hope so anyway! lol. I wrote the whole thing out and then just spoke what came to my mind. I just couldn't bring myself to read it word for word!!! Then we ate lunch and we taught who we could! Met our goals and then some this week!! Great day for teaching! I even read in Spanish at a lesson!

Monday- We went shopping and then ate lunch. And now I'm here!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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