Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 13

Monday- Taught lessons and balled with D. It was a super fun time. I talked with Brother Monk about fishing for a little that night! I loved it!! We stayed in Spearman that night and I slept alright! 

Tuesday- We studied and then came back to Perryton! We taught a ton!!! 7 lessons after lunch! It's because we were able to bike! I love biking! It is way easier to stop and talk to people. Pretty good day overall! I enjoyed it. We talked to several new people. One guy, S., talked to us and said he saw us playing with some kids a while back. We were playing football with them and he really like that! So he talked to us and we were able to introduce the gospel!! 

Wednesday- We were studying and we got a knock on the door. I turned to Elder Olmos and said, "THE J-DUBS!!!!" (Jehovah's Witnesses) so we answered the door and she shared a scripture with us! So we related it to the Plan of Salvation and taught her a lesson! lol. The teacher got taught! It was so fun and funny. hahaha. After we finished studies, we did service at the Senior center! I love doing that. lol. So funny and nice to talk to people, even if it is not about gospel! We left there and did service at the crisis center! Then our lessons fell through so we contacted part of the trailer park. I was guided to two trailers. Elder olmos went to one and it turns out that it was a girl we had taught a while back that we could never find! So we taught her and set up a time to come back. After dinner we taught some lessons. 

Thursday- Thursday we met a guy. He opened the door and had pee on his pants running down his leg!! I almost died on the doorstep! He spoke Spanish so all I could do was stare! haha. After that, we saw R. again! Lol. I love her and her daughter is the cutest ever!!!! Then we had lunch and apartment inspections! After that we taught till dinner and after dinner we tried to teach, but it didn't happen ;'(  So we met new people and set up appointments! 

Friday-  We went to Dumas, had District Meeting, and ate lunch at El Tapatio. It was good! I went on exchanges with Elder Hatch. We did service for a lady, then studied, and then taught lessons. We did have dinner in there somewhere.

Saturday-  Elder Hatch and I  went and contacted! We met a former bull rider that wrestled and met another lady who had a sons that wrestled! So I got to talk and enjoy a pretty good convo with them and was able to connect and introduce gospel at same time! Great morning. After that Elder Olmos and I came back to Perryton and did our weekly planning. After that we taught 4 lessons! No dinner!! lol. (We started our fast ;P) 

Sunday-  Fasting. We went to church. I bore testimony and then taught Sunday School! that went great!!! I loved it! After church we had break the fast. So we ate lunch and then took Dumas back their phone. Then we taught. 

Monday-  I studied and now I'm here!

Btw.. I cooked several days throughout the week! hahaha. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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