Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 41

Monday- After emails, I went back to the apt and slept for 3 hours!!! I was dead tired. Woke up to Elder Gutierrez saying, “Dude! Just give him the blessing while he's asleep! He needs it!!!!” lol. So O looked at him and told them they could give me one while I was awake. I'm glad they gave me one though! Then went and balled at the Rec. I met a guy and played pool with him. He hadn't eaten in 2 days and gave him my subway gift card so he could eat. It's tough for me to see people who struggle like that and not help them. I also taught him about the BOM. Then we got cleaned up and had dinner at the Freston's. It was a good time. Then we went and taught J W at the FHC with Adam Sullivan. He finally got ready for his interview.
Tuesday- Had district meeting. I was super sick! But, I did what I had to do!!! lol. Can't stop what won't stop!   J W passed his interview and is set for baptism!! Yay!!! Then we ate McCalister's in Artesia. Then had exchanges with ZL's in Roswell. Nothing exciting happened.... but it was a ton of fun!
Wednesday- Balled in Roswell in my vans. I did REALLY good! Lol. Idk how!!! but, my handles were tight! Lol. Super fun. :D Then finished our exchange. Did service at Salvation Army in Roswell. Was a fun time. I enjoyed it for the most part. Haha. Then we drove back and had a lesson with the Ws family. Had a good lesson on repentance. Then we at McCalisters again with Brother Anderson! Was sweet!! Then we had a lesson with I on Chasity with him! Lol. Was the BEST LESSON EVER!!!! Brother Anderson is amazing! I asked him, “Donovon, what does the Law of Chasity mean to you?” and he said, “Well, it means staying clean and pure! Then once you are married, you can have as much sex as you want with your wife, as often as you want!” lol. We all died in the lesson!! super good though. I likes him.
Thursday- Did service at FHL and then had lunch. Then we did service at Anne's. It was fun and funny. Got some cool and funny pics and videos! Lol. Great time and lots of laughs! Then we had comp study and language study. Brother Felt picked us up for dinner. Had dinner there and then went to basketball. Was tons of fun!! me and Brother Anderson taught I again and he is getting ready for baptism!! :D
Fridayweekly planned at the FHC and then had lunch. Picked up my suit from the cleaners and taught J W. Then we gave a blessing to a member. And then we had comp study and Spanish study. And then contacted a referral. :D Biked back to the apartment and then helped Brother Freston move a friend. That was fun. They got us pizza too so..... it was nice!
Saturday- Went to the temple!! I saw the Garnetts from Perryton and Elders Kay and Olmos!! Baptized some youth! One kid was named “Sigler”!!!!! lol. Sounds like Zeagler almost! Lol. Had a great day. Did 10 Initiatories too! Was exciting. Then bought 2 ties and a white shirt in Lubbock. Rode with the Barneys! Fun time. :D Long day!!!
Sundayhad correlation, ward council, and church! J W came again!! Now he is ready for baptism! After church we ate and had a comp study. Then we taught I with Matt Horrocks. Great time! Played some dunk ball too! Haha. Then we ate dinner at the Clements and then did Family history. Fun day. Super busy and long.
Monday- Woke up and did some laundry! :D Then we went shopping. Now we are here emailing.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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