Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 39

Monday- After emails, we ate lunch at Arbysand then Sis Fairbanks gave us hair cuts. I chipped my tooth... but got up with Brother Barney and he fixed it for me!!! :D That was a blessing!! then we balled up down from the other Elder's apts. :D. Got cleaned up and had dinner at the Freston's. Then we went and saw L. He is doing good. Finally getting OUT TOTALLY of the drug world!!! We had a good lesson with him on how God is helping him to get out and to change his life.
Tuesday- Studied and then went to district meeting! Pretty sweet time! Sooooo windy that we walked! Struggled to stay standing... got Sonic Freeze at happy hour and then we taught L again. He said he would read if we sent him scriptures! So we started sending him stuff every night! Then we tried by other potential investigators and current investigators. Saw I and talked to him for a few min. Then we had a lesson with D. He read the plan pamphlet and we answered his ?s! Then we gave him the Gospel to read. Had dinner at the Haake's. Was really good! Then had comp study afterwards.
Wednesday- We went to eat breakfast at 6 am with a potential. Had a great talk! :D woke up had studies and went to FHL! Lol. Did a ton of work there and then we had lunch at our apt!!!! Then we took had a lesson with J W. It went well! Got him ready for baptism. All he had to do was come to church..... of course he didn't! Ugh. Smh. Then we biked way out (heading to Hobbs) and met a LA to talk for a minute. Really nice guy! He's a trucker so he just calls us up when he's in town and we meet him wherever he wants. :D We met him almost outside of Carlsbad.... looooooooooooong bike ride! Lol. Worth it though. Then we went and saw L again. Had dinner at the Brown's. He made us cook our own steaks! Lol. Was a good time. Then Brother Larson dropped us off to do family history.
Thursday- Good day. Got up and went and played tennis! Was fun. Got some cool pics. Then did service at FHL. Had lunch and then comp study. Went to teach I and ended up that us and I taught his mom the restoration! #investigator present! It was awesome. We got to see I's understanding and growing testimony!! Then we found some stuff for our talks for Sunday night. Ate dinner at the Felt's and then Max took us and I to basketball. I's dad couldn't get us... so I called up Brother Bennet and he came and took us home...
Friday- Got up, had studies and then went to LOWES!! I helped Brother Barney find what he needed to fix his roof. Then he got us McDonald's for breakfast. Went to his house and fixed his roof! Shingles blown up and nails ripped right through them... lol. So I ripped up and replaced shingles while he and Elder Stone passed me supplies and watched. Good that I know how to do that stuff!! It goes to show that you learn your specific skill for a reason. One reason was so I could help the Barney's!!!! Then he got us lunch and took us back to the apt to clean up. Had a lesson at the FHC with the Ws. Finished up J's lessons. Then we biked around looking for people. Talked to J M, a nice guy who wants us to teach his family. Had dinner at the Johnson's. Ended up teaching D later that night about the gospel! Was really good! Left him a Book of Mormon to start. :D He's doing good! Then we had comp study.
Saturday- had studies did service at MLK park. Fed the homeless with FHL. Then we ate lunch at the apt and helped G and K move.... he told Elder Stone that he could crank up the Yamaha 750 motorcycle he had....Elder Stone didn't really know how.. so I was like.... I know how!!! lol. I cranked that thing up super fast and then gave it a few good revs!!! lol. I am excited to ride one when I get home! Hahaha. It had sooooooooo much power!!! Made me a little trunky lol. Helped them move and then they got us some snacks at a Mexican store. Did an hour of weekly planning and then had dinner at J P's. Talked with them and her kids wrestled me! Lol. Then went back to apt for calls...... I'm staying, getting 2 comps, and am now a District Leader. Crazy!
Sunday- Got up and had personal study. Then went to church. Had a good time. Gave out thank you cards to the ward for feeding us! Then we got calendar back and it only had 2 days filled.... smh. So I called around the ward and got all but Thursday filled! :D They treat us good! Then we weekly planned and went finding. Had dinner at the Horrock's home and then gave a talk at the "8 is great" thing at the church. We just winged it! Went REALLY well! Haha. Then we went back to apt.
Monday- Woke up, wrote letters and did some laundry! :D Then caught up on some sleep while Elder Stone packed lol! Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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