Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 6

Well, well, well.... where to start?

Monday! (after emails)- After emails, we got mail from mom and the young men! I was glad to hear from everyone. We went and saw B (RC) in the hospital and gave her a blessing. Then we had dinner with the Mayes and FHE there. It was a great experience. I love them. They are awesome to us. Brothe Mayes is hilarious. He doesn't mind embarrassing anyone!

Tuesday - We left for Dumas on Tuesday. We had breakfast at the Garnett's. We made us some pancakes and then went to district meeting there. Then we ate at a steakhouse. I got a burger and unlimited rolls!!!!! I still love rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed in Dumas on exchanges. We had a few good lessons. I enjoyed it, but their apartment isn't as nice as ours.

Wednesday- I drove back from Dumas and got some pics with the other elders. Later that night we had a good lesson with A (LA). She enjoyed us coming by and our message. It was a short day due to travels. We met a girl in the park who said she was a "stoner"! Best contact of the day by far!!!!!! I died laughing after she left us.

Thursday- We taught a lot!  Each day is amazing. We bike most days and it makes it harder on us, but easier to contact people. Plus when I bike, I feel like an actual missionary. We also contacted an apartment in our complex. The guy answers with a fully loaded rifle! I was like "He must be from NC!" lol. jk. Olmos asked him what his job was and he replied, "I'm a mercenary." Elder Olmos changed nationalities! HE was white for like a minute!!! I died! We taught him restoration while he played with his guns (had like 5 out). Best contact so far! We also set a return appointment. We have to teach everyone!

Friday- We taught a lot as usual.... hahaha. Had a great lesson at the Senior Center with the workers. I showed them the cross story and they were in awe. So then we explained about our religion and taught the restoration. One lady said that we were "The answers to her prayers". It was great! We made some "stuff" for dinner. lol. It was good though! ​

​Saturday- We went to the PARADE! We met like 2 people. Brother Mayes was killing me there! We saw a few of our investigators and got to talk to them. We also got people to see us in public. I caught a football and gave it to Z., one of our investigators. He was sad he had not gotten it so I gave it up. I liked it a lot, but charity never faileth. We also left to Borger to carpool to Amarillo. We had the adult meeting for stake conference that night so it was fun. I learned a lot from the stake presidency there. They gave good talks!!! We stayed with the Amarillo elders that night.

Sunday- We had a missionary meeting in the morning. It was on prayer. I learned so much form Pres. Lovett. He gave such a good lesson. I learned so much about prayer. Then we had conference. It was great. I enjoyed everything. I took so many notes! ha ha ha ha. I see now how important staying awake and taking notes in church is! After conference, we left and went home. We did weekly planning when we got home. That lasted till 8:30. After my prayer, I felt to go visit Brother D. He lives a few apartments over. So we went and asked how his wife was doing and just talked to him. He said that he enjoyed us coming to see him and wanted to know if we wanted to have dinner sometime. It was a good thing that I followed the promptings of the Spirit! It's amazing how well it knows what needs to be done.

Monday (today)- We went to store and bought food. I spent 6 dollars. I bought Ramen noodles. I figured that is one way to save money! lol. I just filled up the cabinets so that I wont have to ever skip a meal. This month has 5 Mondays so I have to be thrifty. But after shopping we put up groceries and came here to email. So that's my update!

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!



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