Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 7


Monday night- We ate dinner at the Mayes' and did service for them. Then we stayed at the Garnett's so we could go to district meeting on Tuesday!

Tuesday- We got up and had pancakes at the Garnett's and then I drove to Borger. We got there early, so we studied and then went to DM. We had DM and then we ate lunch at Benigan's. I got the lunch special, The Monte Cristo. It was so sweet, but good. I had a good time. We left there and stopped by JC Penny to drop my watch off to get fixed. I flew over my handle bars Monday and broke my SEIKO) I thought I had bought it there, but apparently not! We got it at Belk's. So the lady from JCP mailed it to me so I can send it off today! Yay! After that, we drove home and taught some lessons! It was a very good night! I love bearing testimony to my investigators! Just makes me feel like this is my purpose!!

Wednesday- We did service as always at the Senior Center! It was great. Afterwards we got haircuts!!! Thank goodness. PS- they turned out to be free and we taught the hairdressers a lesson!! #blessed! We taught and contacted as usual. It's about the same each day.  

Thursday- Taught and contacted. Saw C and really helped her out. She's having troubles and we shared scriptures to meet her needs and asked her to come to church. She didn't come... bummer! We also taught C. She always is interesting. She's a crazy Hispanic lady that loves us! He daughter is going to be baptized in like 2-3 weeks!! Word up!! We also met a real nice lady, M.  She agreed to learn more and said that she's open to being baptized in the future!!! Also, met a buffer and tanner Adam Sandler! They have the exact same laugh!!

Friday- Was busy. Service at Senior Center and crisis center! Met a lady who use to "be a witch" lol. We taught her and she's interested! You can find all kinds of people here. It's crazy! We also taught a Jehovah's Witness! She was way nice. She told us a joke. "Yeah! We have no windows on our church because we do sacrifices!" lol. I died on her door step!! She was great, very open minded, and wanted to know more! 

Saturday- We had a busy morning of laundry because we had 2 lessons on our laundry time on Monday! But we went shopping and I got some tools and some supplies. Then we held weekly planning after lunch and taught some lessons! We taught this one guy, Eddy R. We taught him about the Book of Mormon but he had to get back to work. But before he left, HE ASKED US WHEN WE COULD COME BACK TO TEACH HIM MORE!!!!!! That never happens!!!! so we are going to teach him Tuesday!!!! Super excited. Also, when we got back to the apt, I saw a moving truck! I ran over and dropped my things and asked how I could help! The man looked at me and said, "You want to work and help?!?!?!?!?" I Said "YEAH MAN! What can i grab?!?" He replied "Grab anything heavy! I don't want to hurt my back..." So I went to work and we unloaded that truck in 15 minutes! We were hustling! They said they are gonna buy us pizza sometime!!! #blessed!

Sunday-  We went to church! I love church. I learn a lot and love listening and learning from the speakers and spirit! Just uplifts me! Church means so much more to me now!!!!! After church we ate at the Garnett's (not Pres Garnett, but his parents!) They were supper nice and they gave us ice cream in waffle cones!! #blessed! lol We left and had to stop by Bro Umphries home to grab some keys. He gave us a ton of food he "didn't need" before we left..... he's the one who's only son died like 2 weeks ago..... his love for us and for service touched me so much. I cried at the apartment!! He's amazing! Reminded me of Steve Potter! We taught some lessons as well. Not many, but again, I bore my testimony and it touched an investigator! I love it!

Monday/today- We studied and then went to our appointments. Now we are emailing.

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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