Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 35

Monday- after emails, us and Spanish went and played disk golf with a less active and an investigator from the Pecos River ward! Super windy, but fun! Haha. Then we went and balled with Lovingsbend Elders at the Rec! Super fun. Need new shoes bad.... my ball shoes have no grip! Lol. Then we had dinner at the R's. Hahaha. Elder Stone got his face SLAMMED into his cake! Hahaha. Then we went as stopped by and saw I. Great day!
Tuesday- Studied and then went to FHL. They were packed! Haha. So helped them out by filling orders, sorting through donations, and organizing stuff. Love serving there. Was great! Then we had lunch. Went and helped J W build his chicken pen! Haha. Super fun time and funny! Bunch of laughs. :D got cleaned up and then tried by some investigators. Went to dinner at the F's. Good time. Then we went and taught J S! Super good time and seemed to help him. He likes us :D. Then we went to volleyball with Spanish! The Elders won all three games!!! haha. Super bomb! They couldn't get us.
Wednesday- Woke up had personal study and then we went to district training at the chapel with the zone leaders. :D Super great!! Then we had lunch in our apt and we went finding on some streets we set apart the day before! We met 2 bomb people. Was able to use a country song in a lesson!! hahaha! SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!! lol. Loved it. Then we went and saw I! Read more with him and then had dinner in our apt. Helped the sisters with moving a member of their ward. Fun time. I love service! Makes me super happy! Then went back to apt.
Thursday- Had studies and then went to FHL. Then we ate lunch and then helped A at her house! Worked on her yard some more! Then we helped the Bs put up lights under their garage out back! Then we got cleaned up and went and saw Gavin, a guy we met contacting Wednesday. Had a good lesson on 3 Nephi 11. Then we stopped by and talked to I before heading up to the church for dinner and helping the Relief Society clean up after their dinner. Then balled it up. D came out to ball. Balled it up and had a fun time. My shoes are about done though! Haha. Got tons of bruised ribs from Sis Sullivan! Lol.
Friday- Had studies and then we got a washer and dryer from Brother Tyndall in the Pecos River ward! :D Then used the Spanish elders car and drove up to north part of town and had a bomb lesson with L R on the commandments! :D then we had lunch in our apt. Then went and saw the Ws. Taught them about the commandments again too! Good time. Tons of laughs! They are super funny people. Haha. Then we started weekly planning. Interrupted it to have a lesson with A and J with E M at the FHC on Samuel the Lamanite! Great lesson. Then we finished weekly planning and had dinner in our apt and went and saw I. He had a rough day and was tore up. So we just talked with him and read a scripture of comfort I had sent him that morning! Super amazing!!! I love the moments in the mission like that!
Saturday- had studies and then service at the zoo! Was great! Got Spanish to drop us off at the A's so I could get a haircut! :D biked back, got cleaned up and ate lunch. Then went to a lesson at the W's again with Brother Barney. Talked about prayer and how to improve our prayers. Then had prompting to go by Sis Strieby. Brother Barney took us over and she was in need of a blessing! Really great prompting. Super glad I was able to follow it! Then we got our bikes and went finding. Found a Spanish family. Haha. Turned them over to Spanish! Then we had dinner from subway. Tried by investigators afterward. Weather got pretty bad.... so we stopped at I's and they told us to come in. They had family over so we talked to them and I learned part of a song on guitar!!!! super fun! Hahaha. Then we had tacos with them! lol
Sunday- got up and had personal study. Went to correlation with Brother Freston. Had a good sacrament meeting. :D then we had the rest of church! After church we ate at the S's! :D left there and taught some kids at an apt complex. Was super fun. Lol. Then we taught L! Tried to see some potentials....but that didn't turn out.... so, Then we did FH at the FHC. Then went to the apt.
Monday- Woke up and did laundry! :D had a fun time and a good study! :D Now we are here emailing. 

Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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