Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 37

Monday- After emails, we finished our game of risk. I won! Lol. By a long shot. Then we went shopping and then balled at the rec. Then had dinner at the Freston's and played Kubb. Then we went and tried by investigators with no luck!
Tuesday- Studied and then did service at FHL. Got through a huge stack of donations! :D then had lunch and went and taught J S about Priesthood duties. Fun time and great lesson. Left there and went and saw W and D. Then went finding for a little bit. Not too much luck. Then after all that, we had dinner at the Hansen's and taught A C. He's brother Hansen's coworker. Super great guy and a really bomb restoration lesson. Then we got dropped off at our apt and cleaned up a little.
Wednesday- Woke up had studies and went to FHL again! Lol. Did ton of work there and then we had lunch with LANCE FELT at subway!!!! He came back for spring break!!! Super awesome!! Then we had comp study. Then we took the sister's car former finding. No luck!!!!! We got in with no one... hahaha. They just aren't ready to hear the message. Bummer! Then we did some finding and had dinner at the Horrock's. Great time! Had a great lesson with the Horrock's. Then filled out teaching records and waited for the 4 other elders to show up that were staying the night! Lol. I cut Elder Stone and Elder Adams hair! Turned out super good! :D gave up bed for Elder Page. I slept on our worst couch and got like 4-5 hrs of sleep.... lol.
Thursday- Did morning sports at the church. Us elders played bball. Sisters didn't come.... lol. ZONE CONFERENCE We had a great time there and learned a ton!!!!!! Got fed lunch too!!! :D That always makes us happy! Got over with at about 5:15 pm.... then we cleaned up our apt some from where others Elders had stayed night before and then had dinner at the apt. Then went and balled at the church. Got back and the Assistants are staying with us! Lol. They wouldn't take our beds... so I slept good! Lol.
Friday- Went to run with the Heap's, but, it was too windy!!! Like 30 mph winds!!! So, went back and ate and had studies and then INTERVIEWS. Good morning! Then we weekly planned a little before Jon Strahan picked us up and took us out to eat. After lunch, we did service at his house! I am basically a plumber.... lol. Fixed his sink problems! :D. And pipe problems out back. Then we finished weekly planning, got cleaned up and did some finding again! Found a few nice potentials. Then we had dinner with the Mortensen's at Tokyo. Super bomb! I ate my whole dinner with Chopsticks!!! #boss. Then did family history afterward.
Saturday- had studies and then did service at the zoo! Then had lunch and comp study. Taught I and his dad, J! Then we had a lesson with A M. Helped her on FH and taught about our Heavenly Mother! Then had dinner with the Felts. Then went by and had a bomb lesson with Levi! He was struggling and we were able to teach the lesson and allow the spirit to testify of God's love for him. He said he needed it. Great time!!!
Sunday- got up and had personal study. Went to correlation with Brother Freston. Church was good. I and J came! Turns out it was Fast Sunday.... so, they got to hear all the testimonies. :D hahaha. Then after church we went over and saw them and ate pizza. Good time! Then talked to Js mom and set up service with her! Super good. Then we had dinner at the Horrock's. Great dinner! Then contacted a referral from the sisters. Didn't go so well.... he did NOT want to talk to us! Lol. So after that we went and balled with some kids we saw as we went to bike to see W and D. Then we saw W and D. Great time.
Monday- Woke up and did laundry! :D had a fun time and a good study! :D Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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