Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 36

Monday- after emails, us and Spanish went and shopped! Took a lot of time but I got some new ball shoes! They are sweet! Haha. Then we went and balled with Lovingsbend Elders at the Rec! Super fun. These shoes have a ton of grip! Lol. They are brand new! Then we had dinner at the B's. Super awesome. Their daughter gave the FHE lesson about missionary work. Hahaha. So we told experiences and told them how awesome a mission is! Then we went and stopped by and saw Sis B and got VIP tickets for Mccallisters. Great day overall!
Tuesday- Studied and then had district meeting. After DM we got lunch at Mccallisters with the ZL's and then me and Elder Schreoder did service at the M's! We helped them pack up two storage units in a 26 ft U-haul. We packed it all in about half the truck! Then we had to go. Ate dinner and showered to clean up. Then we went and contacted at an apt complex. Was super awesome! We had tons of success. One lady said some harsh and incorrect things about our church, but Elder Schreoder bore testimony to her and then we left. Fun time! Then we had leadership training. Great day. :D
Wednesday- woke up had personal study and then we went chasing down potentials in Roswell. We had exchange review afterwards and then left for Carlsbad! Once in Carlsbad, we ate lunch and got to work. Stopped by some investigators. Took Lovingsbend back their car, and went and saw the Ws. We had a 1 on 1 lesson with J W! Then we had dinner at the Vandekraats. Stopped by afterward to see T S and he said for us to not come back... saddening! Then we stopped by a referral. He answered the door naked..... luckily he hid his stuff! Hahaha. Then talked to the Fs and got some food to take home. Went back to apt afterward.
Thursday- Did morning sports at the church. Us elders played bball. Sisters didn't come.... lol. Had studies and then went to FHL. We had a great time there! Got fed lunch too!!! :D that always makes us happy! Then we went and saw B and RM. Shared scripture with R and just talked to him. Gave B a blessing. I hate seeing old people like that... once its my time, I wanna go! Then we balled up D, J, and C on 5th street courts again (did it with Elder Kay and B transfer and a half ago!) We won as always!!! #Ballers! Then we taught D about the plan of salvation! Great lesson! Then went and got cleaned up a little. Cleaned the church with other missionaries and the Hansen's. Then we balled up! I came again! Super good time. :D I killed it in my new shoes! I was on fire!! scored at least 5-7 points each game(going to 11)!!
Friday- had studies and then Elder Stone gave a baptismal interview to one of Lovingsbend's investigators. Then weekly planned and cleaned the apt. It looks spiffy! Then we exchanged with Spanish and me and Elder Gutierrez became comps! We did service at A's. Got cleaned up, and then had 3 bomb lessons back to back! Taught I for 15 min and then set a baptismal date with him. Then taught L for 45 and set a baptismal date with him!!! Then had dinner at the apt, then we taught J W with Max Felt and set a baptismal date with him. Super bomb day! Killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Spirit was boss.
Saturday- had studies and then service at J S with the Horrocks! Was great! Finished his steps and then brother Horrocks took me and Elder Gutierrez to lunch at Blake's Lot-a-burger. Then we got cleaned up, switched comps and went finding! Me and Elder Humphrey taught 5 lessons in 2 hrs! Super awesome!!! really hot, but great time teaching!! I loved it :D :D :D. Then we had dinner at the apt. Sis Cornum bought us pizza. We ate and then we stopped by L and talked with him for a few minutes.
Sunday- got up and had personal study. Went to correlation with Brother Freston. J W came to church!!!!!!!!!! L and J and I didnt.... :'( . but, we had a good sacrament meeting. :D helped teach the youth Sunday School class! We role played with the youth! Then we had Priesthood. Great day! Then had lunch at the apt. Taught A M afterward, and saw D again! Taught him about the Restoration and it blew his mind a little! Then we ate and then did family history with Sister Davis! She helped me learn how to do family history and get started! Was great time of learning! Working on the Zeagler line!!!! then went to apt.
Monday- Woke up and did laundry! :D had a fun time and a good study! :D Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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