Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 34

Monday- After emails, we went back to the apt and Elder Kay packed for transfers. I cleaned up the apt and wrote my wonderful girlfriend a letter! :D Then we had dinner with the Bennetts. I. went with us and we had a great time!I got a really boss picture with Elder Kay and I. with our brownies! That's all they were. Lol. Then we showed I. a magic trick with a water bottle and a penny! That was super awesome! :D hahaha. We got dropped off at our apt and talked to I. mom for about 30-45 minutes! That was a great time and a changing point in our relationship! First time that we've been able to meet the mom and talk to her! :D
Tuesday- I woke up early because I saw Elder Jensen in my doorway freaking out because the bike rack to their car was missing a pin! Hahaha. I said some dumb stuff (I was half asleep! Hahaha) then later woke up and got the apt ready and Elder Kay's stuff finished being packed up. Then Elder Kay and I shared a seat, yes.... one seat!..... all the way to Hobbs, 1.5 hrs.... hahaha. #missionlife! We said our goodbyes and then I was on exchanges with Elder Balin all day. During personal study I set up dinner apts! Hahah. Had a pretty sweet time! Taught some people and then we even contacted some Spanish people! Hahaha. I enjoyed it! Picked up Elder Stone and the Spanish missionaries and the Sisters followed me back, seeing as how I was the only one who knew how to get back. Haha. We got back and got the sisters set up! Helped T,  a LA in the sisters ward, move stuff and also talked to their neighbor, an investigator. Got them a third mattress and then let Elder Stone unpack some. We stopped by the Felt's house and I printed off a few pics for planner covers. Haha. Then we picked up Lovingsbend and went to the church for volleyball. :D We gave them their car back. Then we played volleyball and got a ride home from the Spanish Elders. Nice and busy day.
Wednesday- Got up with the Spanish elders early and we went running beside the river! I really enjoyed it!! Even though I hate running! It was great weather and really beautiful! Then we had studies after showers. Had District Meeting at the FHC. Then we biked up to Quail Hollow. We had a great lesson with L.R.! Really great time. Been over a month since we've seen him. He's always super busy! Then we went shopping with the Spanish! Got some needed groceries. Afterward we had a bomb lesson with I. Talked for a bit and then related it to the gospel. Read Ether 12:27 and talked about how it applies to his life right now. He really appreciated it. Then the Zone Leaders drove us back to the apt and picked up the Pecos River Elders' bikes! Then we biked and tried by people. No luck! Had dinner at the Haake's. That was really nice. Then went out to the W's with Brother Barney! We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation again. Joseph was going crazy.... but Elder Stone was the Jungle Gym!! hahaha. #I'MFREE!!!!!!!!!
Thursday- Had studies and then went to FHL. Then we ate lunch and helped A.V. at her house! She's suppose to find out her family history info! Super awesome!! hahaha. Then we went and saw J., Sister Strieby, and L.! Had some pretty good lessons and then we ate dinner at the Horrock's. We had a great time there. Then we drove in Spanish's car to basketball. I. and his dad came and had an amazing time!!! Really awesome!! Then at basketball, I read scriptures and talked to I. and had a bomb lesson in between games! :D I LOVE MY CALLING!!!
Friday- Had studies and then we weekly planned! Ate lunch and went and saw the W's with Sister Sullivan! We still had Spanish's car so we met her at the W's! Had a good lesson and read 2 Nephi 29. Then we went finding and found some boss potentials! Afterward we had a lesson with A.M. at the FHC. Sweet time. We had dinner at the Davis's! Great steak dinner! <3 :D Then we went and supported R. at his baptism! He's such a wonderful guy and a great follower of Jesus Christ! We actually found him at the laundry mat where we do our laundry and had to turn him over to the Lovingsbend Elders! :'(. hahaha. He was Honestly GOLDEN!!! Love that guy! Then Brother Herbst gave us a ride home! Nice time.
Saturday- We had studies and then service at the zoo! We got the Spanish and Lovingsbend Elders to come with us! Then we had lunch and the Spanish took us back to the zoo to grab my camera.... haha. Oops! Lol. Then we helped a LA, J.S.! We moved HUMONGOUS slabs of stone and made him some stairs! Really neat, but really heavy!!! haha. Loved the hard work! Then we got cleaned up and had dinner at the Fairbanks! Great time. Had Waffles!! <3 then we stopped by and had a short lesson with L. on his porch! Then we got in I.'s house and talked with his whole family!! ANOTHER CHANGING POINT!!!! Really good for our relationship!
Sunday- We got up and had personal study. Went to correlation with Brother Freston and had a good sacrament meeting. :D Then we had the rest of church! After church we met a former investigator and he really loved us! We taught him from the BOM. Then we went and taught I. again! Had a great time with him in his yard joking around and balling in the street. Then we sat down and read from the scriptures! Afterward we stopped by and talked to some Spanish guys, then we referred the Spanish missionaries to them! Hahaha. Ended up teaching W. and D. Read 1 Nephi 6-7. It was a good time and they liked it. Then we had dinner at the Clement's. Had stuffed peppers! Really nice! Then Brother Clements went with us and we found a LA that has a daughter turning 8 soon! We talked to her and are gonna start teaching her daughter! Really sweet! Then we did FH at the FHC and I typed Rex Felt a recommendation letter. Then we went to the apt.
Monday- Woke up and went to do laundry! :D  Now we are here emailing. 
Elder Nathan Zeagler.  l_l-_-l   <--- Ready to Baptize!

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